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The great opening

This afternoon, after doing a bit of work and making pesto from basil in the garden, I was washing up at the kitchen sink when a wave of anxiety hit. I felt myself brace at the familiar, unpleasant feeling. It’s been happening on and off for a while now. Out of nowhere, a low rumbling […]

The new normal

Standing at the kitchen window, I look up to find a coyote peeking out from behind the stone wall that forms a border between the woods and our home. It’s my first time seeing one this summer and, as I watch him scope out the territory looking for a meal, I feel grateful to have […]

The art of homeschooling you

Over the last few months, as the pandemic continues to dramatically change the way we live, I’ve been using this time to develop new skills, build new habits, and homeschool myself in topics of interest like the science of consciousness, physics, and cooking. This week, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for learning by telling […]

You’re invited to steal this

Last night I went to bed feeling anxious for the world. This morning, I woke remembering who I am. I sat up, opened my journal to the last page, and read a note I wrote to myself a few months ago. Please feel free to steal this. Sweetheart, When you feel hopeless, frightened, or like […]

How to be a good human

As the pandemic picks up steam in some parts of the country and we continue with restrictions, it seems we’re being invited to make a relationship with uncertainty whether we want to or not. As a result, I’ve made the decision to cancel our October retreat and have reserved new dates for next year – […]

Interdependence Day

This morning I made the mistake of looking at the news. I was sitting in the living room, enjoying a cup of tea when I turned on the TV to see what was happening in the world. It only took a minute before I clicked the off button and left the room. Like many of […]

See the best show in town

Yesterday morning, while cleaning the upstairs bathroom, I caught a flash of something moving in the field in our backyard.  As I walked closer to the window, I saw a deer off in the distance munching on the leaves of a sumac tree. All of a sudden, she turned her head and I quickly realized […]

A walk down memory lane

Every morning I start my day with a ritual that feels good. I wake up and before I do anything else, I head out to the deck to care for the birds and animals that share our yard. I fill the feeders, place homemade suet in the holder, and clean and fill the giant bowl […]

Keep looking up

I was sitting on the deck writing this morning, in a small corner still blanketed by shade, when I looked up just in time to see two Great Blue Herons take flight from a nearby oak tree. As I watched their long, flowy wings carry them over the house, I heard myself say out loud: God, […]

Here’s the action I’m focused on right now

Transformation is afoot.  There are big changes happening in the world on both seen and unseen levels. During these challenging times, as I talk with those who are angry, frightened, anxious, reactive and often emotionally regressed, I’m making a point to focus my time and attention on doing one thing: I listen. I listen carefully […]