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Do this and everything will be more than okay

For the last two months I’ve been talking about self-care in turbulent times with friends and family, employees of the companies I support, and Facebook and Zoom audiences from around the world. I’ve offered strategies for working effectively from home, ways to calm anxiety, sleep hygiene tips, and how best to deal with the influx […]

Evolution calling

I stepped outside just before sunset, to add a little birdseed to an empty feeder because I have a raccoon who comes to visit for a late-night snack. As I turned to walk back into the house, I noticed something watching me from the edge of the yard. A small red fox curled up on […]

Let’s get through this together!

This weekend, I experienced classic New England showmanship. Yesterday, I woke to snow falling over the burgeoning green fields in our backyard, and this morning I welcomed the first hummingbird…

The Great Realization

This morning, as I filled the bird feeders, changed the water in their bath, and tended to the seeds I’ve started for the deck garden, I thought about how I used to rush through these daily chores to get to the gym or to attend a meeting for work, pre-pandemic. Puttering had become a luxury […]

The Great Reversal

This morning, I went for a hike with my friend, Beth, at our local state park – a 450-acre haven of gardens and trails along the shore of the Merrimack River. These days, the parking lot is usually full and the trails are scattered with socially-distanced humans (and dogs) walking, hiking, or jogging through the […]

Let’s not go back to how it used to be

My nervous system is beginning to acclimate to this new normal and I have to admit I’m starting to like it (most of the time). This week, while zooming (is that even a word now?), with a friend living in Spain, I realized that “shelter-in-place” has taken on new meaning as I continue to explore […]

Welcome to a whole new way of life

I woke to the sound of chickadees singing life into spring, bluejays squawking, and woodpeckers tapping a rhythm beneath it all. As I lay in bed listening to Mother Nature’s soundtrack, I thought about how our lives are changing in dramatic ways over a short period of time. While there’s much to grieve – the […]

The Hero’s Journey

This past week, I noticed a ticker-tape of to-do projects running through my head as I walked around the house during the day. Go through the bedroom closet and look for clothes to donate; empty the trunk in the basement filled with letters and photos from the past twenty years; prepare revised plans for the […]

Help is on the way

Last Monday, I recorded a Facebook Live that offered three things: A way to instantly calm your body to help reduce your stress and anxiety. A tapping exercise to help you metabolize the extra cortisol that might be running through your system these days. This exercise can not only help relax your mind and body, […]

Pointing to the light

Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend, Sarah, who told me a story about her brother and his family that I wanted to share with you this week. Turns out, her brother and his two young boys are serious sports fanatics. Sarah’s brother is a soccer coach for one team, and his sons […]