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A little bit of just the right thing

I reached into our silverware drawer for a teaspoon and noticed that pretty much all of the forks, knives, and spoons looked tarnished and worn. A few years before, I had purchased a variety of antique, silver-plated utensils because they were elegant and beautiful. I added them to several pieces of real silver left to […]

Why I love cold water

The backyard looked like a scene right out of a children’s fairytale. Snow lined branches against a winter-gray sky, cardinals and bluebirds darting to and from the feeder, gentle snow falling all around me, covering the land in a soft white blanket. I stepped into my cold tub and took several deep breaths to center […]

When little things matter

I was vacuuming near our Christmas tree when I bumped a branch and a pine needle punctured the tip of my thumb. It hurt for a brief moment as I wiped away the blood, but then I ignored it and continued vacuuming. Sometime later I noticed my thumb bleeding again, so I took a washcloth, […]

An old New Year!

The wind howled and the rain flew sideways battering the windows with its fury. The storm began in the early morning hours and by suppertime, the birdbath and all the bowls I normally fill with seed were overflowing with water. I stood in the kitchen listening to the commotion while stirring a pot of soup. […]

A gentle, loving New Year

Stop and think deeply about this question. What would it mean to love yourself more in 2023? What would you like to change? Do more of? Less of? Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to make monumental changes to love yourself more. As a matter of fact, one tiny step, done consistently, could […]

Best holiday recipe? Let life lead.

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with a client who asked how my holidays were going so far. I thought for a moment and off the top of my head replied: The quality of my holidays is always dependent on what’s happening in my life at the time. This year it’s all about […]

How to keep things in perspective.

Take a moment to stare at this image below…really take it in. Notice the colors, the countries, the clouds, and the vast amount of water. Then, notice the black nothingness surrounding it. Fifty years ago, NASA’s final Apollo 17 mission launched to the moon and during the trip, a crew member took this photograph. It’s […]

Through the eyes of an owl

Eyes like saucers, innocent and wise. Weightless and ready, just moments away from taking flight. Yesterday I had the privilege of releasing a barred owl in our backyard after it had been rehabilitated by the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while now, you know how […]

A special treat for you

Last night our home was filled with howling laughter, catch-up conversations, Christmas carols, holiday gifts strewn across floors, tissue paper and ribbon, and family-favorite food placed on tables just so. It was our annual Christmas dinner for my family and it was an extra special event because it was also my dad’s birthday. This morning, […]

Holiday advice from a snow queen

I shuffled down the hallway in my new holiday pajamas – a birthday gift from my sister Lisa. Fleece-lined and crazy soft, they have the words, “Snow Queen” splashed across the chest and it makes me laugh every time I catch my reflection in a window. There’s nothing like staying in pajamas on a quiet […]