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Simple daily habits that can change your life.

I’m in London this weekend to celebrate the life of our friend, Ileen so I’m resending a list of some of my favorite self-care habits. Here are the things I do nearly every day to take good care of myself. Wake up grateful. Drink water – half my body weight in ounces. Leave space in […]

Navigating the pull of the past

Several people wrote in response to last week’s blog asking me to say more about how going back in time to revisit our lives (in my case by reviewing my photo library) can cause the ego to try and pull us back to the people and places we’ve outgrown. This is a big conversation and […]

Finding Wisdom in the Archives of Your Life

I filled a mug with Earl Grey tea and honey, pulled on comfy clothes, and cozied up next to my cat Wednesday on the living room floor, laptop in hand. I was about to go through my photo library to find images of our friend Ileen for a memorial service in London later this month. […]

Learning to carry on

It was late and I was driving home after attending a musical performance by Lisa Fischer, one of the gifted background vocalists from the documentary film, “20 Feet from Stardom” (she’s fantastic!). I turned off the highway when a voice told me to turn left onto a back road near our neighborhood. Following the instructions, […]

What We Leave Behind: Reflections on life and legacy

It was a cold day here in the Northeast when I opened the shutters and discovered the world covered in white. I shook my head and thought, it’s the first day of spring and with the warmer temps last week, I thought for sure winter was done. But then I remembered our friend, Ileen. If […]

Hold on! You got this.

This morning, as I lay in bed thinking about the day ahead, I picked up a book from my nightstand and opened it to a random page for a little inspiration. The book, Facets of Unity by A. H. Almaas, is about the more advanced spiritual teachings of the Enneagram (a powerful spiritual and psychological […]

Are we connected?

The day after my friend Ileen died, I was standing by a window that overlooks our backyard comforting one of her friends in London, when a bald eagle flew overhead. Amazed by the sight of such a majestic bird, I shared the experience with her friend and said, If Ileen were to come back as […]

Life lessons from a sparrow

Every night, just before the sun dips below the horizon, a tiny sparrow swoops into our veranda, hops along the ceiling ledge, and tucks itself face first into the bottom of the “V” shaped trim lining an archway. It showed up just before our friend Ileen passed away and it’s been here nearly every night […]

From Heartbreak to Healing

I sat in the bath staring at my legs resting on the edge of the tub. As I examined my feet, I noticed a small drop of water sliding down the side of my left big toe and I burst into tears. Even my toe is crying, I thought to myself as I released the […]

When Great Trees Fall

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing a poem by Maya Angelou given to me by a wise woman who knows the right medicine at the right time. I lost my friend Ileen yesterday, a woman who embedded herself in our hearts and home for more than thirteen years and has now left a crater-size hole […]