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I hope something good happens to you today

There are some days when I feel a sincere sense of weariness at the state of our world and I just want to find a small island in the middle of nowhere – one without internet or telephones – where I can fashion a small hut out of random sticks that will shelter me from […]

The signals of spring

It was 7am when I stood on the back deck breaking up ice in the birdbath so I could refill it with fresh water for the little creatures who come to visit. I then filled a new feeder with a special treat. This year, thanks to my friend Susan, I discovered dried mealworms and we’ve […]

Permission to rest

Drizzling rain and blustery wind are making their presence known beyond my bedroom window. I left it open last night and this morning the room feels damp and raw. I roll over and groan. Rainy Sundays are a mixed bag. On one hand, they inspire me to dig into projects I’ve been putting off, the […]

How to stop redecorating hell

I’m taking this weekend off and sharing a story inspired by my friend, Louise Hay, back when we were working on our book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life. I find this to be a lesson worth revisiting. Don’t break a habit, dissolve it. We were lost. My husband Michael and I were on our way to […]

What the Royal tribe has to teach us

Last week I watched the interview Oprah Winfrey conducted with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I hadn’t intended to see it, but when a friend who didn’t have cable asked to watch it on our TV, I happily agreed so we could enjoy some time together. Turns out, the interview stayed with me all week. […]

The exquisite beauty of ordinary things.

I just finished a zoom gathering with three girlfriends I’ve known for more than thirty years. We make a point of seeing each other now and then to reconnect and catch up on our lives. I always leave our get-togethers filled with gratitude for the remarkable nature of long-term kinship – soul family fastened to […]

When who you are is no longer who you used to be

Spring is in the air and I’m both excited and a little apprehensive. As the world starts to open up again, I wonder about the impact the global pandemic has and will continue to have on our lives. And I wonder about how we’ll evolve from here. In a way, it feels like we’re coming […]

Reasons to smile ☺

Because I’m teaching a workshop called Self Care/Soul Care with psychic medium, John Holland, on Sunday (2/21), at 2pm ET, I’m sharing a blog I wrote a few years ago this week. If you’d like some self-care advice, the chance to laugh with like-minded friends, and to experience the healing power of afterlife communication, you […]

Your most important Valentine

I’m sitting here with my feet in a pot of warm water and lavender oil, laptop perched on my knees, watching my cats chase each other up and down the hallway between our kitchen and living room. While I’m growing weary of freezing cold temperatures and pandemic restrictions, I’ve also become fond of the comforts […]

Life after death and the lighter side of loss

Nearly every morning, I get a text with a funny message, cartoon, or video from my husband, Michael. A doodler in high school who grew up to be a man obsessed with quirky, clever cartoons, he uses art and humor to make his way through the ups and downs of life. There are some days […]