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Touch of Grace

This week, I received lots of feedback about the new website and I’m very grateful, thank you. It’s satisfying to work hard on a project with a clear vision in mind and to have it received as intended. I’ve read all your emails and will be making a few changes here and there based on […]

A welcomed softening at midlife

I spent the morning rummaging through drawers and cabinets looking for something I hid for safekeeping a few weeks ago. Have you done that? Decided to hide something, tell yourself you need to remember where you put it, and then completely forget when the time comes to find it again? Last year, on a tip […]

Is it time to edit your life?

In August of 2017, I hired someone to redo my website because it was long overdue and in need of a fresh, new look. I signed a contract with a designer. I spent hours filling out an extensive questionnaire.  And I began mapping out how I wanted things to change. Then my cat died unexpectedly […]

The changing nature of how we learn

The next Self Care by the Sea retreat is open for registration and the focus of this one is on passion and building (or improving) your entrepreneurial chops so you can bring your talents and gifts to others in an empowering, successful, and financially lucrative way.  To learn more, and to register, visit here. ~*~ A few years ago, I […]

Who’s making the rules?

The next Self Care by the Sea retreat is now open for registration and the focus of this one is on passion. The intention of this weekend is to help you bring your creative ideas to the world in an empowering, successful, and financially lucrative way. Life is changing. The days of working nine-to-five for a corporation are becoming […]

Can you do this one thing for yourself?

On January 1st I fired up the Insight Timer app on my iPhone and scrolled through all the options to find a ten-minute meditation to start my day.  In case you don’t know, Insight Timer has the largest free library of meditations on the planet.  They have more than 5,000 teachers (including my buddy, DavidJi, who provides great content) and a […]

Sending rain Down Under

It’s been a tough start to the New Year for our friends Down Under.  The loss of life, homes, animals, and land has been devastating and, being a sensitive woman, this tragedy stays with me night and day. Yesterday, I invited my followers on Instagram and Facebook to join me in praying for Australia and its surrounding territories, in […]

Here’s something special to do this week

Staring up at the sky through my livingroom window, I watch a bruised horizon slowly give way to the pink and orange light of sunrise. The radiant sliver of a moon smiles down on me as I type. It’s the winter solstice and I’m here to honor the return of the light.   I’ve lit […]

The magic of self-care

I’m in London enjoying this beautiful city during the holidays and preparing to give a talk on Monday night about The Magic of Self Care at the Cecil Sharp House on Regent’s Park Rd. Self-care, especially at this time of year, can mean so many things – spending money wisely, eating moderately rather than overindulging, or putting […]