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The politics of personal growth

We’d been talking for over an hour when the subject turned to politics and I felt a charge of energy run through my body. I knew we shared different views and I wanted to stay centered and kind. These days, I’m using the heated political climate as fodder for growth despite how uncomfortable it is. […]

Then this happened…

I had just finished recording my latest rendition of Happy Birthday on the piano and pressed send on the text message to my friend Jules. Last September, after I began taking lessons, I figured out how to play the melody line to Happy Birthday so I could text loved ones a musical message. Along with […]

Shredding the Past

I glanced at the armoire in my office last week and thought, I’ve got to clean that thing out. It’s a tall, three-door cabinet that I bought as a gift to myself when I decided to convert my traditional office into a salon more than fifteen years ago. In the armoire, I placed all my […]

From Loneliness to Laughter

We piled into the car enjoying the last rays of sunlight before afternoon storms moved in. We were about to spend a few hours poring over clothes at a vintage clothing sale in Boston. As we turned onto the highway, we giggled like school girls as we talked about dating later in life, hiking adventures, […]

Putting an end to group showers

It was early Saturday morning when I decided to take an outdoor shower to start the day. Last week’s heat had finally taken leave and as I stepped outside, I noticed the birds were back in full force feasting on sunflower hearts and oranges in the cool morning air. As I stood in the cold […]

Teach your mind this new trick

It was the middle of the day and I’d spent the morning texting and emailing with the caregivers supporting our parents. By noon I felt overwhelmed, so I closed my laptop, turned off the phone, and put YouTube on the TV. I searched for a quick exercise routine from “Get Fit with Rick” (he’s great!) […]

I’m not ready to retire

It’s a cozy morning with misty rain lingering over the spring-green fields and clouds hovering so low in the sky it feels like Mother Nature has placed a weighted blanket over the day to inspire rest. “Take it slow” she seems to be saying, “let the day unfold.” Speaking of letting life unfold, last week, […]

The Way of the Wise Elder

In January of 2012, during a TedXWomen talk, Jane Fonda referred to the last three decades of a person’s life as the third act, a developmental stage she sees as a staircase leading to: “the upward ascension of the human spirit bringing us into wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity.” Jane sees age not as pathology, but […]

My guardian angel in steel-toe boots

We were in the middle of a massive construction project with men and women on scaffolding ripping stone from the front elevation of our home. A roof drainage issue had caused water to seep behind the external walls leaving the inside vulnerable to rot. Fortunately, we discovered the problem early but the fix would take […]

Tiny little anchors

In the late 1990s, I spent one day a week visiting with and helping an elderly friend named Lucy. She lived alone in a big colonial house near Boston and each time I arrived, I’d find her waiting in her favorite wingback chair, dressed up and wearing a big smile. Lucy spent all her time […]