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Becoming a professional lounger

Thanks very much for your prayers and well-wishes for my family. One member is home from the hospital and doing much better, and the other is out of ICU and also on the mend. I believe in the power of group intention and have no doubt that your thoughts and prayers contributed to their healing […]

Guardrails, the self-care secret that works

The last week has been a stressful one being on call and a point person for two family members in the hospital, one in ICU. When the situation unfolded, my husband Michael sat me down and reminded me of an agreement we made when we lost my Dad and our first pet, Poupon. “This is […]

What if this is what it’s all about?

Last night, I sat on our veranda staring at the late summer flowers in our garden when a hummingbird arrived at the feeder. I’ve been watching for them, knowing each day is a gift because they’re about to embark on the long journey south to a warmer climate. I always feel a little sad when […]

Handling the big stuff

In the morning when I come downstairs I let our cats, Wednesday and Berty, out of their room as I get ready to feed them. Rather than risk chronic back and shoulder problems (something I struggled with after letting Poupon sleep in our bed), we’re doing things differently this time. Knowing good sleep is far […]

Are you here?

After more than a year of meditating every day, I’m still amazed at how often I’m somewhere else rather than where I am at any given moment. This morning, while chopping Brussel sprouts, I visited London, had a one-sided disagreement with a former colleague, made a mental list of chores that needed to be done […]

Time to tickle your funny bone

Early this year, when my husband Michael published a new book, Postcards From the Cosmic Club of Everlasting Souls (a memoir about love, loss and the afterlife), I suggested he start an Instagram account. Not one for being in the public eye, he prefers to create art that makes people laugh and think (usually in […]

Don’t let your thoughts disturb you

I have a small chalkboard hanging on a wall in my kitchen with the words, “Calm Inner State,” printed in bold, decorative letters thanks to Michael who has a gift for making words look like art. He doesn’t know it, but every time I walk by that sign I smile and silently thank him for […]

The little voice inside

My friend Melissa reminded me that the Perseid meteor shower peaks this week on August 12th and 13th in the northern hemisphere so I thought I’d share a blog I wrote a few years back about watching the night sky. If you’d like to see the show, look toward the Perseus constellation. I use an app called Sky […]

Feed yourself well

She was encouraging and optimistic during our first meeting. Not at all what I expected knowing that Alia, my new nutrition coach, had reviewed a week’s worth of my food diary in preparation for our first session. “You’re a pretty healthy eater,” Alia explained as she reviewed my log. “You should feel good about that.” Alia […]

Meet your inner saboteurs

After more than a year of waiting and wondering, we’re launching registration for our next Self Care by the Sea retreat this week once we’ve notified those on the waitlist first. After all we’ve been through (and are still going through), I look forward to gathering together to talk about a whole new level of self-care, post-pandemic. If there’s […]