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Becoming a teenager again

For the last week, I’ve been feeling impatient and irritable. Slogging through tourist traffic near our home makes me want to scream. Trying to make dinner reservations to celebrate my husband Michael’s birthday felt like torture when I discovered, after several calls, that our favorite places were all booked – for months. Making decisions made […]

Reverse engineering contentment

This morning, while searching through blogs for one to resend so I could take the day off, I found a message that feels important at this time now that things are starting to open up. I needed the reminder and I hope you find it helpful, too. ~*~ I’ve just come in from a run […]

What good shall I do this day?

Yesterday, with some exceptions, Massachusetts lifted the last restrictions on wearing masks and limiting people in public venues and when I set out to do a few errands I wondered what it would be like to finally see people’s faces. At the first shop I visited, I found employees and customers in masks and was […]

A new practice called mindlessness

It was warm, 75 degrees, and rather humid for a spring day. I stood at the shoreline ready to take a plunge with my friend Libby, when she offered a challenge: “I’m going to stay in for ten minutes but if you don’t feel up to it, no worries.” Okay, it wasn’t exactly a direct […]

Emerging from hibernation

I’m staring out the window at a million shades of green – chartreuse, lime, moss, and jade. As I shift my gaze from left to right, it’s as if someone ordered a Crayola crayon box filled with variations of only one color – a vibrant tribute to new beginnings. This morning, as I lay in […]

Mother wisdom from the wild

She’s back. Like an elegant Queen, she sits quietly on her throne, undisturbed by the world around her. She’s strong, determined, clear on her intent. Her robes are made of downy, white feathers that shield her from the elements as she waits. Wind. Rain. Snow. Thunder. She remains still through it all. She’s a mother […]

A ring of fire

Finally free of the gusty winds that haunted us for most of the day, the night turned calm and cool. As the sun made its descent, a star appeared in the southern sky. I stared up at the midnight-blue canopy, listening to the stories and laughter coming from the small group of friends gathered around […]

Tethered to the sweetness of life

Earlier in the week, while on my way to the grocery store (my big outing these days), I saw an elderly gentleman I haven’t seen since the beginning of the pandemic. You may have read about him before in this blog and this week I thought I’d share his story again. It was such a […]

Priorities for the wisdom years

The sun is shining bright this morning, an unexpected gift after two days of strong winds and driving rain. It was supposed to remain cloudy but it seems the light has taken the upper hand. What a blessing… As I sat down to write this blog, I heard a text chime and discovered an invitation […]

I hope something good happens to you today

There are some days when I feel a sincere sense of weariness at the state of our world and I just want to find a small island in the middle of nowhere – one without internet or telephones – where I can fashion a small hut out of random sticks that will shelter me from […]