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Are we connected?

The day after my friend Ileen died, I was standing by a window that overlooks our backyard comforting one of her friends in London, when a bald eagle flew overhead. Amazed by the sight of such a majestic bird, I shared the experience with her friend and said, If Ileen were to come back as […]

Life lessons from a sparrow

Every night, just before the sun dips below the horizon, a tiny sparrow swoops into our veranda, hops along the ceiling ledge, and tucks itself face first into the bottom of the “V” shaped trim lining an archway. It showed up just before our friend Ileen passed away and it’s been here nearly every night […]

From Heartbreak to Healing

I sat in the bath staring at my legs resting on the edge of the tub. As I examined my feet, I noticed a small drop of water sliding down the side of my left big toe and I burst into tears. Even my toe is crying, I thought to myself as I released the […]

When Great Trees Fall

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing a poem by Maya Angelou given to me by a wise woman who knows the right medicine at the right time. I lost my friend Ileen yesterday, a woman who embedded herself in our hearts and home for more than thirteen years and has now left a crater-size hole […]

A Valentine’s Day Mission

I’ve been writing this weekly blog for more than twenty years and this morning, while searching my archives for an old story, I came across a blog I sent in 2011 with a Valentine’s Day idea from a reader, Karen. As soon as I reread her suggestion, I decided to do it again this year […]

Tiny Little Goodbyes

The email arrived on Monday morning and I immediately marked it as “unread.” I wanted to remember the invitation to donate books to our local library for their annual fundraising event on Saturday. Over the last few years, I’ve given away hundreds of books but always made a point to leave my favorites behind. Some […]

Press play: Remove the hold button from your life

He sat quietly behind me, arms folded, a Cheshire cat grin on his face. “Let’s hear how you’re doing with Stairway to Heaven,” my teacher instructed. “Take your time and go super slow.” I adjusted the bench beneath me and placed my fingers on the keyboard. Instantly I felt like an awkward teenager at her […]

From Rainstorms to Blue Skies

Bright sunshine, clear skies, and a flock of bluebirds at the feeder offered a lovely start to the day… until my mind stepped in. As soon as I started washing my face and brushing my teeth, I watched my thinking as if I were attending a theater performance. The spotlight of my consciousness moved across […]

Look Up: Finding Inspiration on the Dance Floor

I shuffled down the hallway toward the living room as the setting sun cast an amber glow across the hardwood floor. The honey-colored light revealed cat hair, scratches from the unprotected legs of a chair pushed into the room, and a few ladybugs still hanging around after warm weather earlier in the week. As I […]

Life Lessons from a Snowy Morning in New England

Here in New England, when the weather forecast calls for snow, we wait to see what shows up. Living by the coast, we never know what the day will bring, and this morning I woke to find a wall of white outside my bedroom window. After clearing and filling the bird feeders and setting out […]