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Happy Holidays from Berty & Wednesday

A subtle holiday has begun here at our home with a handful of simple decorations, candlelight in the windows (my favorite!), stacks of cards ready for the mail, and a tall, white-light-laced tree perched on the back deck – a surprise gift from friends. Michael doesn’t know it yet, but that tree on the deck […]

Lifting spirits and turning strangers into friends.

Dense fog has encircled our home this morning making it feel like I’m living in a moody snow globe. In some ways, it feels apropos to the times. Fortunately, there’s light to be found in the darkness if you look closely and last week I found plenty. My invitation to send your name and address […]

When a bicycle man goes viral

Well, winter has finally arrived here in our neck of the woods. Yesterday we had our first Nor’easter, and while the prediction was a foot of snow, we ended up with a couple of inches and I’m happy to enjoy that as a starter. This morning the winds are howling and the trees are dressed […]

Taking the plunge

I awoke Thanksgiving morning to the sound of wind-swept rain splashing against the bedroom window. As I made my way to the bathroom, I noticed that the field in our backyard was blanketed by dense fog, making the land seem dark and ominous. The holiday already felt heavy knowing we wouldn’t be celebrating with family […]

Finding gratitude in tough times

There’s a memory I hang onto when times are hard and I find it difficult to feel grateful. I’m 24 years old standing in a bathroom no bigger than a linen closet, staring at my bloodshot eyes in a mirror. I’m at work, crying over a breakup I was sure I’d never survive, trying to […]

Going for the gold

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve celebrated my birthday by making a list of ten intentions for the upcoming year. It was a ritual inspired by my friend Jules back in my early twenties. Once I had a list of ten things I wanted to focus my attention on, I’d write myself […]

The three fishermen

On Thursday afternoon, after a full day of calls and zoom meetings, I pulled on my sneakers and set out for a sunset walk in the neighborhood. I came to the reservoir near our home and stopped to talk with three fishermen who show up every afternoon like clockwork. One is an elderly man who […]

A little wisdom to hold near this week

It was 5 o’clock and I’d just completed a long day of work when my friend Beth texted to see if I was interested in going for a walk. It was raining outside. Pouring, actually. And it was getting dark. As my mind considered a cold, wet hike, my fingers typed, “Yes, let’s do it!” Alrighty […]

Like What’s Before You

I woke up this morning to a cloudy, gloomy day and pulled the covers back over my head. I’d much rather stay here, I thought to myself as I searched my mind for remnants of dreams that visited during the night. There’s nothing like a warm bed on a crisp autumn morning. When I eventually got […]

Come home to yourself, sweetheart

I sat quietly in my office staring out the window at a red-tailed hawk sailing overhead. The wind carried her far above the tree line and I imagined what it must be like to float so effortlessly. I gently closed my eyes to start the day with a meditation. No sooner had I settled into […]