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Follow the slender threads

“It is an audacious notion to put forth in this age of science and willful determination that one’s existence is somehow inspired, guided, and even managed by unseen forces outside our control. Whether called fate, destiny, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time […]

Have your own back

Sometimes we gain wisdom from the most unexpected places. Last week I had my buttons pushed when I stumbled upon an exchange on Facebook about my work. Two women were discussing the release of my new audio program, “Self Care for the Wisdom Years,” and they made a few assumptions about me that were incorrect. […]


Every year one of our local farms plants a giant sunflower field that blossoms into hundreds of bright, beaming faces that bring such joy to our community. I love the Colby Farm tradition. It attracts swarms of people to the field like bees to honey. I also love the tradition because it’s temporary. The blossoms […]

The making of a good day

I was enjoying a lazy afternoon strolling through the aisles of our local Marshalls department store looking for a set of bowls for our kitchen. Over the years I’ve found lovely dishes at this store and it always feels like I’m embarking on a treasure hunt when it’s time for something new. Dishes are underrated. […]

Look up!

I was sitting on the deck writing this morning in a small corner still blanketed by shade when I looked up just in time to see two Great Blue Herons take flight from a nearby oak tree. As I watched their long, flowy wings carry them over the house, I said out loud, I’m so glad […]

The last lazy days of summer

“Good morning,” said the sun with its splash of golden light on the sturdy spine of the oak tree outside my bedroom window. “Time to rise!” I pulled on my favorite wool socks, dragged the crisp summer-white sheets up over the pillows, and tucked the corners of the duvet under the mattress. Straightening the books […]

Here’s what to expect

This week I had an opportunity to visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) – the office where you get your driver’s license renewed every five years. Before you read on though, stop for a moment and notice the thoughts associated with a visit to the RMV. Okay, now read on… My license expired last […]

Telling stories

While on vacation, I’m sharing a favorite memory – a blog I wrote about our cat, Poupon, when we were lucky enough to still have him with us. He was a dear companion… and a wonderful teacher. ~*~ Telling stories ~*~ While making tea this morning, my cat Poupon got upset when he didn’t get […]

The catnip caper

In the morning when I come downstairs I let our cats, Wednesday and Berty, out of their room as I get ready to feed them. Rather than risk chronic back and shoulder problems, something we struggled with after letting Poupon sleep in our bed, we’ve done things differently with these two. Our new kids spend […]

Bring on the discomfort!

It was 6:30am when the early light hit my eyes and I woke to another dog day of summer destined to reach 100 degrees. Challenging weather provides a wonderful opportunity to see how cranky the mind can be. Rather than listening to its complaints, I got up, threw on my bathing suit, and drove to […]