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In praise of kindness and ordinary days

The midday sun is casting light beams over my living room as I sit at my computer tapping life into this blog. The last golden leaves of the oak trees in our backyard are floating by the window while Berty and Wednesday (our little tabbies) sleep soundly at my feet. It’s an ordinary day in […]

Take the wild creative ride

Last week I spent several days in a recording studio crafting a new audio project for Sounds True called, Self Care for the Wisdom Years. I loved my time in the studio. And I hated it. Driving into the city each morning, I looked forward to starting the day. And, as the hours passed, there were […]

What challenges us makes us stronger

The wind was howling and the rain blew sideways like sheets of frosty glass that made it hard to see beyond the windshield. We were on our way to get a foot massage, a cozy suggestion made by Michael given the stormy night that lay ahead. I was driving and as we entered the highway […]

The mystery and magic of midlife

I returned late last night from our first “Self Care by the Sea” retreat in two years. We had a wonderful group of men and women who joined me in looking at the mystery and magic of midlife. While I regroup and rest, I thought I’d share the first journal entry from my most recent […]

The joys of sisterhood

On Friday afternoon I visited a beach near our home to swim with a group of women who have fallen in love with cold water plunging. We call ourselves “The Mermaids” and the group, birthed by my pod pal, Libby, and her friend Arianna (a passionate “Garden Coach,”), has started meeting (and growing in numbers) every week. Women […]

Time for a change

As I continue my training as a professional lounger, I thought I’d share a blog I wrote about change. Although I’m getting better at “adaptation” I have to admit that adjusting to post-shutdown life has been tricky. Life was so much simpler with fewer options, wasn’t it? That said, change is inevitable, as we all […]

Becoming a professional lounger

Thanks very much for your prayers and well-wishes for my family. One member is home from the hospital and doing much better, and the other is out of ICU and also on the mend. I believe in the power of group intention and have no doubt that your thoughts and prayers contributed to their healing […]

Guardrails, the self-care secret that works

The last week has been a stressful one being on call and a point person for two family members in the hospital, one in ICU. When the situation unfolded, my husband Michael sat me down and reminded me of an agreement we made when we lost my Dad and our first pet, Poupon. “This is […]

What if this is what it’s all about?

Last night, I sat on our veranda staring at the late summer flowers in our garden when a hummingbird arrived at the feeder. I’ve been watching for them, knowing each day is a gift because they’re about to embark on the long journey south to a warmer climate. I always feel a little sad when […]