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What will keep you warm this winter?

Golden light illuminating the bellies of geese flying overhead at sunset. The soft purr of a resting cat on my lap. The sound of a caterpillar munching on dill in the garden. Finding an eight-point buck bedded down in the yard where a dying tree had been removed earlier in the day. These are a […]

How to find yourself in the darkness

I filled the cats’ water dishes, scooped their litter boxes one last time before bed, and headed for the living room to shut off the light when something told me to look outside. I flipped the switch by the door leading to the deck and discovered two bucks grazing on the lawn not ten feet […]

Where To Find The Best Gift Of All

Yesterday, while folding laundry, I saw something move outside my living room window. As I stepped closer to check it out, I noticed a doe leaping in place and wondered what the heck was going on. Sitting on the edge of the windowsill waiting for the scene to unfold, I discovered a fox peeking out […]

What I’d miss if you were gone.

Last night, during a family holiday dinner, I stood by the pantry watching my loved ones from a distance. I smiled when my sister-in-law Missy let out her big, exuberant laugh. I took note of my brother Steven’s sly smile as he teased his wife Jan. I snapped a group photo with my mind’s eye […]

Tiny secrets

I was standing at the bathroom sink, electric toothbrush in hand, cleaning my teeth before bed. As I stared in the mirror searching for bright spots in the day instead of wrinkles on my face, my husband Michael walked in after a workout. “Hey, did you see the poem I sent you on Instagram,” he […]

Learning to be grateful for a predictable life

The explosion of yellow arrived as an unexpected guest when just a week before the bedroom window was flush with green. Drenched in morning sunlight, the last Norway maple to hold its color seemed to bid a striking farewell before closing up shop for the winter. It was a lovely surprise to wake up to […]

Work with yourself, not against yourself.

Michael and I are in London this week for the first time since before the pandemic. While we were excited to see holiday lights and good friends, we were also nervous about traveling. Packing, house sitters, early airport pickup, and winding security lines all used to be familiar territory, but it’s been a while. So, […]

How to add more life to your life

The last leaves of autumn have bid their farewell, the back fields have been plowed, and the bare branches of our surrounding trees now offer an unobstructed view of the birds who stay behind for winter. Just this morning, while sitting in the cold tub, I watched a bluejay pestering a hawk perched atop a […]

Feeling anxious and afraid? Meet “The Noticer”

The day began on a high note. I felt rested and happy as I placed the last pillow on the bed, tucked in the corners of the duvet, and switched off the lamp before leaving the room. As I walked downstairs, I noticed sunlight streaming through the deck doors and felt even better. There’s nothing […]