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Who do you think you are?

I’m going through old blogs and came across one I wrote in 2010 after Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for “The Blind Side” and then discovered her husband was cheating on her. It contains an important message about claiming agency over our lives and I thought I’d share it again with you this week. Who […]

What were you thinking?

I’ve been making myself crazy since yesterday looking for a custom color palette my friend Ginger designed for me back in late May. It’s a tool that makes it easy-peasy to buy clothes and I love it because I hate to shop. (To see how it works, go here) I lost the palette somewhere in the […]

To the women I love

Twenty years ago, after giving a keynote speech about self-care to several thousand women in Houston, Texas, I stood in line signing books and talking with guests. After more than an hour, I greeted the last woman in line with a warm smile. I knew from experience that those in the most pain would often […]

Let me call you sweetheart

It wasn’t just a few things that happened all at once. It was many things. Email went down. Someone at the door repeatedly ringing the bell. An important call that needed to be answered to avoid getting lost in “automated menu” hell. A friend in need on text. And a last-minute request to reschedule a […]

The culmination of a career

From the moment the thump, thump, thump of the background music started, I could feel a stirring in my stomach. As the beat grew stronger, the energy followed, moving up my spine and landing in my chest. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about Jennifer Lopez who, at fifty, was getting ready for what […]

A daily dose of inspiration at hand

My friend Mary is visiting from London this week and while driving in the car yesterday, she reminded me of a YouTube video I shared with her more than six years ago that she’s listened to every single morning since. It’s thirteen minutes of comfort, inspiration, and optimism. If you listen, it’s guaranteed to lift […]

Which door will you choose?

For more than two years I’ve glanced at an armoire in my office and thought to myself, I have got to clean that thing out. It’s a tall, three-door cabinet from France that I bought as a gift to myself when I decided to convert my traditional office into a sitting room more than ten years […]

Don’t give up

Last week, after the tragic shooting in Texas, I posted something from Moms Demand Action on my Instagram account, inviting followers to make their voices and choices heard. Not long after, a couple of readers who have followed my work for a while started arguing back and forth with each other in the comment section […]

Time for a change

Summer has arrived in spring and it’s expected to soar past ninety degrees again today. As I walked around the newly planted deck garden this morning, I looked for signs of life after yesterday’s heat. The bright yellow dahlias were still standing tall, their round faces beaming like happy little suns. The white alyssum blossoms […]

Homecoming and the Super Flower Blood Moon

This is the time of year when the birds are full of song, the turkeys are doing their mating dance in the backyard, and the wind carries the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms through the kitchen window. Sometimes, early in the morning, I close my eyes and listen. I listen to the wind, to […]