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The Great Realization

This morning, as I filled the bird feeders, changed the water in their bath, and tended to the seeds I’ve started for the deck garden, I thought about how I used to rush through these daily chores to get to the gym or to attend a meeting for work, pre-pandemic. Puttering had become a luxury […]

The Great Reversal

This morning, I went for a hike with my friend, Beth, at our local state park – a 450-acre haven of gardens and trails along the shore of the Merrimack River. These days, the parking lot is usually full and the trails are scattered with socially-distanced humans (and dogs) walking, hiking, or jogging through the […]

Let’s not go back to how it used to be

My nervous system is beginning to acclimate to this new normal and I have to admit I’m starting to like it (most of the time). This week, while zooming (is that even a word now?), with a friend living in Spain, I realized that “shelter-in-place” has taken on new meaning as I continue to explore […]

Welcome to a whole new way of life

I woke to the sound of chickadees singing life into spring, bluejays squawking, and woodpeckers tapping a rhythm beneath it all. As I lay in bed listening to Mother Nature’s soundtrack, I thought about how our lives are changing in dramatic ways over a short period of time. While there’s much to grieve – the […]

The Hero’s Journey

This past week, I noticed a ticker-tape of to-do projects running through my head as I walked around the house during the day. Go through the bedroom closet and look for clothes to donate; empty the trunk in the basement filled with letters and photos from the past twenty years; prepare revised plans for the […]

Help is on the way

Last Monday, I recorded a Facebook Live that offered three things: A way to instantly calm your body to help reduce your stress and anxiety. A tapping exercise to help you metabolize the extra cortisol that might be running through your system these days. This exercise can not only help relax your mind and body, […]

Pointing to the light

Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend, Sarah, who told me a story about her brother and his family that I wanted to share with you this week. Turns out, her brother and his two young boys are serious sports fanatics. Sarah’s brother is a soccer coach for one team, and his sons […]

A call for compassion

Yesterday, a friend sent me a video of two women fighting over toilet paper in a grocery store. “Can you believe this insanity?” my friend asked.  “What’s happening in the world?” Good question, I replied. What is happening when two grown women start fighting in a grocery store, yelling, and screaming, and flailing about? Two words:  Emotional regression. […]

The happiness cure

Have you washed your hands lately? Are you getting enough sleep? How’s your immune system? Are you a clean, lean, healthy machine? Ugh. The media is abuzz with virus news. Ships stuck at sea, case numbers rising, test kits in high demand. As I watch what’s happening, I’m struck by the reality that we have […]

Create your own calm

Last week I received my Mastercard bill in the mail and when I opened the statement, I discovered a twelve-thousand dollar charge I hadn’t made. The description labeled it “credit” but, in fact, the amount had been added to my balance and showed up as money owed. Having already dealt with a stolen credit card […]