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Slowing down the speed of life

I live in the country, in a small town with a little over four thousand residents. Our center consists of a bank, a tiny post office, and a pizza joint with really delicious food. While we don’t have the excitement and stimulation of city life, we have a different sort of magic. Yesterday morning I […]

The gentle unfoldment of wings

This morning I woke from an insightful dream. I had driven my SUV onto the sand of a local beach, walked to the shoreline, and prepared to step into the icy water. It was a sunny, windless day and I was anxious to feel the exhilaration of a quick swim. As I stood looking out […]

Is your attention being hijacked?

The sparkling white of new-fallen snow is a welcome visitor this morning after the blackout of yesterday’s storm. I love the way snowdrifts add a feminine feel to the landscape with their smooth lines and gentle curves – gifts from Mother Nature that soften the harshness of winter. Sitting by the window, I placed my […]

Are you ready to take the plunge?

This week, I’m sharing a previous blog because I’ve just opened registration for our next “Self Care by the Sea” retreat at the end of April, and I have an exciting new event planned that includes the experience I write about below. You can learn all about the new retreat, here. ~*~ Take the plunge! […]

When the mind ruins a good fantasy

I’m sitting in the sun with my cat Wednesday nestled in my lap purring softly into my elbow. She likes to sit with me when I write and I spend more time than I should be trying to balance the keyboard on my knees as I type so as not to disturb our shared reverie. […]

Let’s stay together.

It was such a delight to receive so many emails from those of you who are interested in attending a Zoom gathering in support of cultivating a calm inner state. I’ve been wanting to do something to help with the growing anxiety that so many are feeling and I appreciate your interest. The first “Zoom […]

Get your ticket!

Can you imagine the kind of year you’d have if you said “Yes!” to this question. If you did, this one commitment would dramatically alter the course of your life. While it might seem like a tall order

A welcomed surprise

We woke to a winter wonderland with trees laced in white and evidence of critters scurrying over snow-covered fields throughout the night. As I stare at the scene before me, I think about how beauty animates life in the most gratifying way. My fingers and I are taking a break from machines this week to […]

The art of making moments

Sitting by the window in the early morning light, I watch geese glide across the inky blue reservoir below. Like shooting stars in the night sky, they leave trails of light in their wake making a moment I know I’ll always remember. Moments. When I look back over my life, the memories that stand out […]

Turning disappointment into delight

Disappointment seems to be on the menu this year as we alter our holiday plans to address the rise in Covid cases in our area. Since Michael and I experienced first-hand the impact of the virus on family members who were hospitalized, we’re curbing our exposure to crowds to keep ourselves and our loved ones […]