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See the best show in town

Yesterday morning, while cleaning the upstairs bathroom, I caught a flash of something moving in the field in our backyard.  As I walked closer to the window, I saw a deer off in the distance munching on the leaves of a sumac tree. All of a sudden, she turned her head and I quickly realized […]

A walk down memory lane

Every morning I start my day with a ritual that feels good. I wake up and before I do anything else, I head out to the deck to care for the birds and animals that share our yard. I fill the feeders, place homemade suet in the holder, and clean and fill the giant bowl […]

Keep looking up

I was sitting on the deck writing this morning, in a small corner still blanketed by shade, when I looked up just in time to see two Great Blue Herons take flight from a nearby oak tree. As I watched their long, flowy wings carry them over the house, I heard myself say out loud: God, […]

Here’s the action I’m focused on right now

Transformation is afoot.  There are big changes happening in the world on both seen and unseen levels. During these challenging times, as I talk with those who are angry, frightened, anxious, reactive and often emotionally regressed, I’m making a point to focus my time and attention on doing one thing: I listen. I listen carefully […]

Holding the tension of the opposites

I’ve spent the last three hours trying to write this blog but I’d rather shut down the computer and take this week off. I want to be a voice of reason but I’m not feeling very reasonable. I’m feeling frustrated and conflicted. One moment I want to write about racism and rage and the next […]

Do this and everything will be more than okay

For the last two months I’ve been talking about self-care in turbulent times with friends and family, employees of the companies I support, and Facebook and Zoom audiences from around the world. I’ve offered strategies for working effectively from home, ways to calm anxiety, sleep hygiene tips, and how best to deal with the influx […]

Evolution calling

I stepped outside just before sunset, to add a little birdseed to an empty feeder because I have a raccoon who comes to visit for a late-night snack. As I turned to walk back into the house, I noticed something watching me from the edge of the yard. A small red fox curled up on […]

Let’s get through this together!

This weekend, I experienced classic New England showmanship. Yesterday, I woke to snow falling over the burgeoning green fields in our backyard, and this morning I welcomed the first hummingbird…

The Great Realization

This morning, as I filled the bird feeders, changed the water in their bath, and tended to the seeds I’ve started for the deck garden, I thought about how I used to rush through these daily chores to get to the gym or to attend a meeting for work, pre-pandemic. Puttering had become a luxury […]

The Great Reversal

This morning, I went for a hike with my friend, Beth, at our local state park – a 450-acre haven of gardens and trails along the shore of the Merrimack River. These days, the parking lot is usually full and the trails are scattered with socially-distanced humans (and dogs) walking, hiking, or jogging through the […]