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Is it time to take better care of yourself?

I’m happy to let you know that a revised and updated edition of The Art of Extreme Self Care: 12 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Love Yourself More is now available wherever books are sold.  And, for a limited time, Hay House is offering the eBook version for only $1.99 (available at all eBook sources). This week, […]


Self Care in a Crisis

Whether you’re faced with a job loss, an unexpected diagnosis, the death of a loved one, or a life crisis, you’ll find support on tonight’s Facebook Live. Here’s the rundown along with resources mentioned during the show: 00:00 – 04:00 Cheryl’s Welcome 04:00 – 24:00 Self Care in a Crisis (Extreme Self Care First Aid […]


Self-Soothing Techniques that Calm Fear, Anxiety, and Worry

Join Cheryl this week as she talks about the Art of Self Soothing, does a tapping session to self soothe and takes your questions. Below is the timeline with resources. 00:00 – 03:30 Cheryl’s Welcome 03:30 – 24:30 The Art of Self-Soothing 24:30 – 27:00 Tapping to Self-Soothe 27:00 – 38:00 Taking your questions Resources: […]


Week 2 – Are you ready to join me for a year of self-care?

Over the last two weeks I’ve been having fun creating videos, worksheets, resource lists, and new tools as part of an upgrade to the online course I developed for Hay House a couple of years ago based on The Art of Extreme Self Care. When I first launched the course, over a thousand people spent […]


Week 30 – Be careful because life might really change when you learn to do this.

Greetings! I’ll be speaking at the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo in Anaheim, CA on August 16th and I’ll be joined by Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner, and Tara Stiles for a day of inspiration and fun!  You can register here. If you’re a coach, therapist, lawyer, massage therapist, yoga teacher, or other service-oriented professional, check out my Practice Building […]


Week 31 – Speak Up: Caring for yourself and others

Greetings!You can now preorder my next book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life, written with Louise Hay.  The book is based on a series of intimate conversations Louise and I have while traveling throughout the US and abroad. You can order here or here. Have a wonderful week! Love, Cheryl p.s. – Need a little […]


Week 19 – Self-Care Club: Ten things every member should know

Greetings! Well, last week Mercury sure was retrograde!  Our bridge line didn’t work, causing us to spend a much shorter time with Geneen Roth than I wanted (using her bridge).  Not only that but the recording of the call was cut off three quarters of the way through.  So, we’re in the process of getting […]


Week 20 – Self Care Surprise: When life rises up to meet you

Greetings! Monday, (5/18 at 9pm ET) is our monthly telegathering (instead of on Memorial Day) and I’ll be joined by Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, author of “The Intuitive Advisor.”  Mona Lisa is a brain scientist and medical intuitive, and she helps clients to understand the underlying causes of their illness.  You can send a brief […]


Week 7 – Community Self Care: Lessons from Good Morning America shoot

Greetings! Our Good Morning America interview was delayed until this week and you can now watch it on Tuesday morning (2/17). Please check your local listings for more information. Hay House is making an incredible offer to readers of this newsletter. If you’d like to attend the Alaska Cruise and the workshop I’ll be doing […]


Week 7 – Forgive Yourself: The key to healing your life

Dear Friends, We now have more of the “You Can Heal Your Life” DVDs back in stock. You can read about this wonderful movie and see a trailer here. This week’s “Coach on Call” radio show will be a rebroadcast about “The Art of Brainstorming” — great ideas for those of you who are trying […]