Self Care by the Sea

October 23-25, 2020

Dear Friend,

Our next “Self Care by the Sea” retreat will be held, once again, at the beautiful Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine. Nestled on the coastline between the Atlantic Ocean and York Harbor, it’s the perfect location for rest, renewal and inspiration.

This retreat is called The Business of You and during this weekend we’ll focus on helping you bring your creative passions to the world in an empowering, successful way. Whether you’re an artist or healer, an entrepreneur, or someone who wants to own a business, you’ll learn practical ways to make (or increase) money using your talents so you can be more in charge of your life.

During this retreat, we’ll use an informal agenda along with meaningful conversation, self-inquiry, and ah-ha coaching to explore topics like:

  • The important link between self-care, passion, and expressing your creativity.
  • What jealousy and envy have to teach you about your gifts and talents.
  • How to consistently dedicate time and energy to doing what you love either on a part-time or a full-time basis.
  • How to set boundaries with naysayers, fearmongers, and those who doubt your ideas.
  • How to make and save money doing what you love in a profitable, self-honoring way.
  • How to reach people who appreciate and benefit from your business or art.
  • How to identify and attract your ideal client/customer so you feel inspired by your work and easily able to improve your financial health.
  • The most effective (and enjoyable) way to craft an on-going action plan that sets you up for continued success.

During the weekend, you’ll also have a chance to experience two powerful tools:  The magic of brainstorming with an inspired team of people, and the emotional and practical support you get from being part of a mastermind group.

For more than twenty-five years, I’ve coached artists, healers, and entrepreneurs on how to create successful businesses that support their whole lives in a meaningful way.  As a former tax consultant and a current angel investor, I think of business as art and I love helping people to craft innovative strategies for success in a way that honors their self-care.

Saturday Evening

As a special experience, I’ve invited my husband, Michael Gerrish, to join us Saturday night for an evening of intuitive readings. He makes an important contribution to our retreats, not only by the accuracy of the individual readings he shares with attendees, but by the collective messages that come through for the group. Michael will do his best to focus his readings on meaningful work and the obstacles that prevent you from achieving the success you desire. I think you’ll be touched and inspired by his healing gift.

You’ll want to attend this retreat if…
  • You have a passion that you want to bring to the world in a smart, savvy way.
  • You want to find new, creative ways to grow your business with joy and ease.
  • You’re interested in fun, innovative strategies to market yourself.
  • You’re ready to build (or strengthen) your business muscles.
  • You’re excited to learn smart money management skills that will make you profitable and financially independent.
  • You want to build new relationships with like-minded colleagues.