Tips to Receive Cheryl’s Newsletter

Most internet providers are making a major effort to protect their customers from the growing problem of unwanted emails. Unfortunately, that can mean you are prevented from receiving legitimate emails like our newsletter.

The following tips should help ensure you receive Cheryl’s newsletter each week:

  • Add to your Contacts, your Address Book, or your trusted list of senders. For some email providers, that is enough to prevent an email from getting caught in the spam filter.
  • Check your spam folder for Cheryl’s weekly newsletter. If you see us there, open the email and mark it as “Not Spam.”
  • Whitelist the email address our newsletter is sent from:
    Check with your email provider for specific instructions.
  • Make sure you have registered with your correct email address! Sounds simple, but sometimes people type their address incorrectly and therefore are not subscribed.

GMail Users
If you use Gmail, it’s likely that our newsletter will go to the “Promotions” tab.

If the email is in your “Promotions” tab, click and drag it to your “Primary” tab. When the question pops up about doing this for future messages, click yes!

For more information about GMail tabs, click here.

If you have tried all the points above and still do not receive Cheryl’s newsletter, please contact us and we will do our best to help.