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A bracelet, a vacation, and a lesson from beyond

Last week, while packing for a family vacation, I decided to take a favorite pearl bracelet – a gift left to me by my friend Lucy more than twenty-five years ago.  This bracelet is one of the few meaningful keepsakes I wear on special occasions and I wanted to have it with me when I traveled.  But when I went to get the bracelet from my jewelry box, I discovered it was missing.

Doing my best to remain calm, I searched everywhere for it, looking in drawers, cabinets, keepsake boxes, even under the bed!  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  As someone who prides herself on being organized, I knew it had to be in the house somewhere.  So, after a while I decided to give up and trust the bracelet would show up.  That lasted just a few hours .

By evening, I was back looking for the bracelet, going through everything again – my jewelry box (at least five times!), the nightstand, and every drawer in my bureau.

No bracelet.

After making myself crazy, I stopped.  I did my best to let go of my attachment to finding it before the trip but honestly, I kept wondering where it was.

When I returned home from our trip, I happened to go into my jewelry box for something else and there sat the pearl bracelet!  Surprised, I looked up at my husband Michael for a moment, secretly wondering if he had played a joke on me.  But I knew better.  I hadn’t mentioned the fact that I couldn’t find it.

The moment I discovered the bracelet I was reminded of something so important: Attachment clouds our vision.  I was so fixated on finding this favorite memento that I couldn’t see what was right in front of my eyes.

Funny how important life lessons come to us in the simplest of ways, huh?

The next time I’m running around like a crazy woman trying to force something to happen, I need to remember this lesson.  Relax, I want to tell myself, focus on patience and presence instead of pushing so hard.

This morning, as I edit this piece, I have a sneaking suspicion that Lucy, one of my guardian angels, is continuing to share her wisdom from beyond…

Crazy just makes more crazy.  Try patience instead .

xo Cheryl

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