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A little laughter and sweetness

I promise not to convert this blog to weekly kitten stories, photos, and videos, but since it’s Labor Day weekend here in the states and I’m enjoying the last bits of summer, I thought I’d share a photo and video of our new furry kids.

The ginger cat is the sweetest little boy we’ve named Berty, and the gray tiger is his sister, Wednesday – a little stinker (in the best possible way). We hit the jackpot with these two. Both cats are bonded to each other, affectionate with us, friendly with strangers, and oh so funny!

Those of you who wrote to say that two cats are better than one were absolutely right. I can’t remember when we’ve been this entertained…

Here they are after a couple hours of playing:

And here’s a quick video of them playing with a new toy from my assistant, Lisa. Be sure to watch to the end when you’ll see what happens when Wednesday discovers my foot.

Thank you for your kind emails about welcoming in new rescues. There are few things in life that provide an ongoing source of unconditional love and rescuing an animal is near the top of the list. So, if you’ve been on the fence, consider this a sign.

Do it.

Your life will never be the same…❤️