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A ritual that stands the test of time

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Finally, free of the gusty warm winds that haunted us for most of the day, the night turned calm and cool. As the sun made its descent, a star appeared in the southern sky. I stared up at the midnight-blue canopy, listening to the stories and laughter coming from the small group of friends gathered around a fire in my friend Beth’s backyard. The smell of pine filled the air with a rich, musky scent that felt like home.

Throughout the evening, as we enjoyed our time together, we talked about an assortment of topics – space travel, our favorite TV shows, life changes inspired by the pandemic, and how jumping in the ocean in the dead of winter has made us brave. At one point someone mentioned the game. “Would you rather…” and we were suddenly challenging each other with silly questions like would you rather be forced to fly to Mars or spend three years in prison?

A fire.
A circle.
A ritual that stands the test of time.

Towards the end of the evening, when it was time for Michael and me to head home, I closed my eyes and made a point to note that this evening with good friends, tasty food, a circle, and the embrace of Mother Nature was a beautiful recipe for happiness.

I want to remember these recipes. I want to remember the lessons learned over the last few years – that a simpler life brings so much ease; that the company of curious people makes life interesting and fun; that laughter is a vital self-care supplement; and that time spent with nature whether it be while walking, hiking, gazing at the stars, or frolicking in cold water satisfies the soul as few things do.

There is always so much to be thankful for in spite of how challenging life can be. And from this place of gratitude, life feels like a privilege.



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