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Be a Valentine

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Now to this week’s message…

~*~ Be a Valentine ~*~

Last year I joined a local Facebook group in our small town. Members of this group share local news, offer referrals for home repairs, help find lost pets, and make requests for support.

Recently, a woman posted a notice looking for someone to shovel her walkway and stairs after a snowstorm. She and her husband had both hurt their backs, and she hoped to find a teenager who wanted to earn some extra money.

After the storm, she posted again, expressing her surprise and gratitude because people on her street showed up and did the shoveling for her. “I have the best neighbors in the world,” she wrote. “I feel so cared for – thank you.”

When I saw this exchange I, too, felt grateful for our little community and the way in which strangers reach out to support one another. These are the stories that make me feel good and offer hope for our future when so much of life seems filled with pain and suffering and drama.

The Facebook post reminded me of something my husband, Michael, said during a retreat last year. A woman in the audience mentioned her anxiety about the state of the world and the trouble she had dealing with people who didn’t share her views.

“Most people are inherently good and we need to remember that,” Michael said. “If someone fell walking up the aisle in this room, would we ask about her values or her political affiliation before offering to help?”

I smiled at the wisdom in his question.

“Of course not,” Michael continued. “Everyone would probably jump up and offer to help because we’re wired to care for one another.”

When I look for it, I see evidence of this selfless, essential nature all the time. Just yesterday I came upon a woman whose car slid off the road and I watched strangers pull over and run to help.

It feels good and natural for most of us to be there for someone in need.

So, this week, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s be on the lookout for ways to offer support.  You can start with your local community. Love a neighbor and shovel a walkway. Love a cause that matters to you and donate what you can afford. Love the earth and plant a tree. Or love an animal and rescue one from a nearby shelter .

Please remember to love yourself, too.  After all, that’s where all transformation begins…

Happy Valentine’s Day !

xo Cheryl

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