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Becoming a professional lounger

Thanks very much for your prayers and well-wishes for my family. One member is home from the hospital and doing much better, and the other is out of ICU and also on the mend. I believe in the power of group intention and have no doubt that your thoughts and prayers contributed to their healing and quick turnaround. I’m very grateful.

Now that I’m no longer needed in the crisis management role, I’m taking some time off to recover. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about becoming a professional lounger. I’m sitting in the sun, hanging upside down on my inversion table (with my cat, Berty, balancing on my chest), ignoring texts and emails, and not doing much of anything at all. It’s heaven.

I’ve mastered the art of being excessively responsible for most of my life and I figure it’s time to try something new. I’ll be back at it next week.



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Photo by CRYSTALWEED on Unsplash