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Bye Bye Small Talk

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Last week, my husband Michael texted me a graphic quote from someone who said he hated small talk and shared a list of everything he’d rather discuss – everything from atoms to personal fears and childhood memories.

As someone who has less patience for small talk myself, I appreciated the sentiment, and thought about what I’d most like to talk about with others.

It’s an interesting exercise, especially if you’d like to put intention behind a desire to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with others.

If we were out to dinner, I’d much rather talk about…

The nature of consciousness, what happens when we die, dealing with compassion fatigue, the potential healing power of psychedelic drugs, the latest, greatest novel you’ve read, what you most love about yourself, the secrets you keep that hurt your heart, how to bring people from opposing sides together, the healing power of animals, your greatest experiences in nature, your first kiss, the places you’ve traveled to that changed your life, what you pray for, your best self-care practice, what you’re most proud of, the new hairstyle you fantasize about, what keeps you up at night, the thing you’d really like to do that you’re too embarrassed to admit, what scares the hell out of you, what it was like when you first fell in love, how you cope with this crazy world, or the best joke you’ve ever heard.

How much fun would these dinner conversations be?  Can you imagine?

Taking the time to make a list has inspired me to bring these topics to dinner with others (a fair warning to friends and family who read this newsletter!).

Oh, if Facebook only allowed us all to interact face-to-face.

Maybe a giant zoom party is in store .

Life becomes far more interesting when we’re willing to step outside of social norms and try something new.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to talk about…

xo Cheryl

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Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash