Cheryl's Blog

Emerging from hibernation

I’m staring out the window at a million shades of green – chartreuse, lime, moss, and jade. As I shift my gaze from left to right, it’s as if someone ordered a Crayola crayon box filled with variations of only one color – a vibrant tribute to new beginnings.

This morning, as I lay in bed reminiscing about the previous week spent with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in over a year, an image comes to mind. I’m transported into the body of a tiny mouse who has left her winter nest and ventured out into the world beyond her safe and familiar home.

It’s been a surreal experience to reenter the world this week. Shifting from take-out to eating in a restaurant. Navigating roads filled with burgeoning traffic. Finding stacks of paper towels at the grocery store for the first time in months. I’m slowly coming out of hibernation.

Slowly is the operative word. I want to be thoughtful about the choices I make from this point forward. I intend to covet the space and self-care practices that have served me well over the last year. Quiet mornings to myself. Daily meditation and walks with friends. Home-cooked meals that challenge my culinary deficiencies. A laser-focused work schedule that allows for productivity and a life beyond Zoom.

Transition is a time for holding the tension of the opposites. I’m conscious of balancing excitement for what’s next with fear of falling back into a way of life that no longer serves the person I’ve become.

I imagine we’ve all changed in some way over the last year. As a result, it would serve us well to update the rules of engagement for living in a post-pandemic world. I intend to keep things simple, to be very choosy about what gets my time and attention, and to get back to the work that leaves me smiling and feeling fulfilled.

To that end, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to gather together in October for our Self Care by the Sea retreat when the color palette shifts from green to orange here in New England. It will be a celebration. A joyful gathering of like-minded friends who are ready to reimagine the next great adventure. In the meantime, let’s emerge slowly and carefully, shall we? Let’s use the lessons learned from lockdown to our advantage.


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