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Extreme Self Care for the Holidays

I woke early this morning to find the front yard bathed in soft, milky light from the luminous solstice moon.  As I marveled at the beauty, I felt such appreciation for the stillness and silence of nighttime, and the peace inspired by both.

Although the holidays can be festive and filled with fun, social activities, I also love to schedule in delicious downtime.  Time to watch movies (Love Actually anyone?), to rest, to be available for spontaneous get-togethers, and to putter around the house.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy your own version of downtime during the remaining days of 2018.  Time to oneself, free from obligations, commitments, and responsibilities is not a luxury, it’s a necessity when it comes to practicing extreme self-care.

Let’s all take a break from to-dos, the news, and unnecessary burdens, and revel in the return of the light.

Many blessings to you, your family and your loved ones.  May this holiday season be filled with exactly the self-care you need to feel ready for the New Year!

xo Cheryl

P.S. – There will be no Facebook Live this week. You can watch past sessions on my YouTube channel at CherylRichardsonTV here.

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