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Finding friends at St. James’s Park in London

This week I’m visiting London with Michael.  We’re here on business and also to enjoy springtime in the city.  On the flight over, I thought about walking through the beautiful gardens and no sooner had the idea left my mind, the flight attendant came to chat and told me I had to be sure to visit St. James’s Park.

Don’t you love how Life is always listening in on our thoughts?

We spent yesterday afternoon at the park and had the pleasure of visiting with several friends.  I know many of you have never been to London, and may never get here, so I wanted to share a few photos with you.

Such a gorgeous black swan – those feathers!

A blue heron – they follow me everywhere!

Red-breasted goose – I’ve never seen one before

Greylag goose – such a dear angel

White Swan with babies – a real treat!

And the most majestic willow tree!

If you live near a park, give yourself the gift of a visit.  I promise you that nature is waiting to make you smile…

xo Cheryl

PS – There will be no Facebook Live this week while I’m in London. You can view past sessions on my YouTube channel at CherylRichardsonTV here.

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