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Finding Wisdom in the Archives of Your Life

I filled a mug with Earl Grey tea and honey, pulled on comfy clothes, and cozied up next to my cat Wednesday on the living room floor, laptop in hand. I was about to go through my photo library to find images of our friend Ileen for a memorial service in London later this month. Instead, I fell down a rabbit hole into the past.

A photo library is a powerful tool for self-reflection and wisdom gathering. As I scrolled through thousands of images, it was as if I were drawn into a life review that had me hurtling through history. I saw the trajectory of my career and the ups and downs of business building. I watched relationships come and go feeling the joy of camaraderie and the sadness of disappointment and loss. I witnessed myself aging from a smooth-skinned gullible girl to a woman more weathered and wiser.

During the review, I was reminded of what makes me happy and grateful – the beauty of wildlife and nature, furry friends, loved ones who make me laugh and share a passion for adventure, making art, and the healing power of words. I also noticed what I still long for, what I don’t miss, and how my ego pulls me back to the people and places I’ve outgrown. And then there’s family – both biological and soul. My morning history lesson filled me with a deep affection for the family I grew up with and those who joined the ride later on.

Who knew that the past could be such a portal to present-day satisfaction? Four hours later with a sore back and sleepy legs, I now had what I needed to make my wisdom years some of the richest and most fertile decades of my life.

Rather than demonize aging we need to own the years we have under our belt and use them to our advantage. History holds data. And data doesn’t lie.

Happy Sunday! You might want to schedule a date with your photo library.



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Photo by Rach Teo on Unsplash