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Here’s something special to do this week

Staring up at the sky through my livingroom window, I watch a bruised horizon slowly give way to the pink and orange light of sunrise. The radiant sliver of a moon smiles down on me as I type.

It’s the winter solstice and I’m here to honor the return of the light.


I’ve lit a fire in the fireplace and I’m covered in a soft white blanket. I imagine myself wrapped in moonlight, something I’ve loved since I was a little girl, and I now understand why. While in London last week, I discovered I was born on a full moon – a full moon in Taurus.

I’m grateful for the growth that has occurred in 2019 – the ability to stand firm when my ego tried to pull me into activities that aren’t true for me anymore. Or my commitment to cultivating patience in spite of the frenzied pace of life we all endure.

As we head into the holidays and the end of a decade, I encourage you to take in a sunrise, wherever you may be. Watching the night sky turn into day puts life in perspective. It’s a beautiful reminder of how small some of our worries are in the larger scheme of things.

The sun and moon and stars remind us that we are a part of something magnificent…

When I look back up to find the waning, crescent moon, I see she’s moved to a new window. Her flight reminds me of the astounding reality that we exist together on this spinning globe in space. That is a true miracle.

I wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays and I hope the New Year brings you even more than your heart desires. ❤️


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