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How to quench a midlife thirst for freedom

Last week I wrote about the game I’m playing with my brother-in-law Tom where we text each other when we’ve eliminated some form of clutter from our homes or offices.  We were inspired to do this after attending a talk given by my sister, Kerri, about her book “What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You.” (The Kindle version is only $1.99 this week!)

Over the last few months, I’ve learned that the key to staying on track is to keep the goal in mind.  Each time I hear from Tom about something he’s done, it inspires me to take action, even if it means doing something quick and easy.

This morning I cleaned out a bathroom drawer – one I use every day.  Once I got rid of the stuff I didn’t want anymore, I placed an organizing tray in the space and separated hair clips, contact lenses, etc., so they’d be easy to find and use.

Now, opening the drawer feels great.

After finishing this simple task, I was struck by two things.  First, it was a project that took all of twenty minutes but once done, felt like a big win.  Second, the energy I had after completing the project was enough to motivate me to start on an even bigger one – a closet in the basement I’ve been avoiding for years.

While this game may seem like it’s about eliminating clutter, it’s really about something more.  It’s about quenching a midlife thirst for freedom.  Freedom from the energetic pull of a past that no longer reflects who I am; a desire to release myself from the visual clutter that hijacks my attention when I walk into a room; and a way to silence the worrying thoughts about emotionally burdening loved ones with having to go through unimportant possessions should I be the one to die first.

Something about losing my father encouraged a more grown-up perspective on death.  The reality that we’re all heading to the same place made me want to look death in the eye and think more carefully about how to be better prepared.  In doing so, I’m discovering that thinking about and planning for the end of my life does the opposite of what I imagined it would.  It makes me less afraid of death and more emotionally and energetically available to live life fully in the here and now.

Speaking of death, as part of our midlife cleanse, Michael and I also met with our attorney to update our wills.  While I know this is not a topic most people want to deal with either, it’s another important way to free up energy.  Over the years – and I mean years – I spent way more time worrying about estate planning than it took to finally get it done.  Then, once completed, I was able to put it out of my mind until the time came to update the plan.  And having a plan in place makes updating so much easier.

So if you don’t have a will or haven’t updated yours in a while, let this mention be your message.

And while I’m on a midlife roll about eliminating clutter and protecting assets, let me offer you one more quick tip.  Take five minutes and scan, copy, or photograph the front and back of your license, debit cards, and credit cards and put the copies in a safe place.  It’s a great way to avoid a major hassle should your purse or wallet get lost or stolen.  If you take five minutes now, it may save you hours of trouble later on.

Okay, rant done .  Have a great week!

xo Cheryl

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