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Learning to be grateful for a predictable life

The explosion of yellow arrived as an unexpected guest when just a week before the bedroom window was flush with green. Drenched in morning sunlight, the last Norway maple to hold its color seemed to bid a striking farewell before closing up shop for the winter. It was a lovely surprise to wake up to after being away for several days.

We’ve just returned from a trip to London where we were able to support a friend in need and enjoy the beauty of a holiday season already in full swing. City streets were lined with glowing stars, flying angels, and jeweled crowns. Crowds of people strolled up and down avenues carrying elegant shopping bags in and out of festive storefronts. The bustle of urban life was quite a departure from our quiet, country ways, and when we flew out late last night we left feeling grateful and spent.

Flying across the pond, I thought about the dichotomy of travel. On one hand, I love seeing new places, meeting interesting people, and gaining fresh perspectives on everything from culture to politics and art. At the same time, I miss my predictable life. These days, I’m quite happy to lean back into the arms of comfort and familiarity to spend more time writing and contemplating the nature of consciousness. Traveling reminds me to value what I already have.

So today, as I step back into reality and prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to wish you a week filled with gratitude for the blessings in your life. As I wash and fold laundry, shop for groceries, catch up on mail, and play with our cats who may or may not have noticed we were gone, I’m thankful for the chores that weave me back into a life I’m so fortunate to live.



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