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Let me call you sweetheart

It wasn’t just a few things that happened all at once. It was many things. Email went down. Someone at the door repeatedly ringing the bell. An important call that needed to be answered to avoid getting lost in “automated menu” hell. A friend in need on text. And a last-minute request to reschedule a construction project that already had people in place ready for action.

Who is that woman I thought to myself as I walked past the mirror in the hallway? This cool-as-a-cucumber gal handling the chaos like a top chef in a well-run kitchen, skillfully juggling pans, plates, and people?

I smiled and patted myself on the shoulder. You got this sweetheart, I told myself as I answered the front door. And I did.

These days I’m practicing a new way of meeting life’s messy moments. Rather than complain, aggravate myself with my thoughts, or move at lightning speed to put an end to the madness, I’m doing the opposite.

I smile.
I breathe deeply.
I wait.
I let others wait, too.
I slow down – my speech, my movement, my thinking.

And I use a simple mantra: You got this, sweetheart.

Yes, I call myself sweetheart. All the time. Because it’s a loving way to remember that all the niggly things in life that threaten to rob us of joy are really invitations to come back to the present moment, to remember who we really are, and to lean on love instead of pressure.

It works. I promise it does. Try it for yourself, sweetheart ❤️.