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Let’s turn on the light

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Let’s turn on the light

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day here in the Northeast and I spent the afternoon in the city enjoying lunch with good friends.  After our meal, we took a walk through the shop-lined streets of Boston and I found this card in a boutique called, The Fairy Shop, on Newbury Street:

What a timely message, I thought to myself as I picked up the card and put it in my basket.  As I walked out of the shop, I wondered what I could do to turn on the light:  Smile at strangers, be overly generous when leaving a tip, let others go in front of me when standing in line, listen lovingly to people so they feel seen and heard.

When I got home, I stood the card on a favorite table so I’d remember to keep the light on.

I share it with you this week so you remember, too .

xo Cheryl

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