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Life Lessons from a Snowy Morning in New England

Here in New England, when the weather forecast calls for snow, we wait to see what shows up. Living by the coast, we never know what the day will bring, and this morning I woke to find a wall of white outside my bedroom window.

After clearing and filling the bird feeders and setting out fresh water for the squirrels, I stood in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil. Staring at the birch trees slumped over with the weight of wet snow, I smiled remembering the years when I rushed outside with a broom to free them from the burden of white. I was afraid the branches would break and I’d lose my precious trees.

So much worrying over the years about things that never happened. Sure enough, when the storms would end and the snow disappeared, the branches would rise. Come spring, their roots deepened, their arms burst with new growth, and rarely did a bough break.

And so it is with growing old. What a gift to have the wisdom of experience seep into our bones leaving us more at peace with the unfolding of life. As the years behind us gather, we can look ahead with confidence knowing that so much of what we worry about never happens or that it was never as bad as our minds imagined it to be. And when life does get hard, because it will, we can rely on good self-care, loving support, and all we’ve learned to help us carry the weight of any storm.

So, there you have it for today. Tree wisdom. And more snow. Yes, we’re getting more than predicted, so as the flakes continue to fall, I shall continue to shovel and gather wisdom.


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