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Make a wish for something good

There are some days when I feel a sincere sense of weariness at the state of our world and I just want to find a small island in the middle of nowhere – one without internet or telephones – where I can fashion a small hut out of sticks and branches that will shelter me from the sun as I stare at the water for hours on end.

But then there’s reality.

Thursday was one of those days. By late afternoon I felt restless and spent and decided to run an errand in the hopes that a change of scenery would somehow shift my inner landscape. It worked. But not in the way I expected.

On my way to the store to pick up groceries, I pulled off the highway and came to a stop at a red light. The car in front of me – a small SUV – had a message on its rear window that read:

“I hope something good happens to you today.”

It was such an unexpected sight that I had to read it twice to be sure I was seeing clearly.

What a lovely thing to do, I thought to myself as the traffic started moving. Now, rather than imagining myself escaping to an island, I was dreaming of a world where strangers took the time to wish good upon each other in thoughtful, random ways. Soon, my daydream turned into a full-blown fantasy where small, kind choices made by millions of people promoted peace, unity, and productive collaboration all over the planet.

That’s when I remembered that positive change starts with one individual so I went home, searched the internet for the vinyl decal, and found it on Amazon (you can see it, here). I ordered several for friends and family and put one on my car this morning.

Now I have a new fanciful vision: Every car on the road has this sticker on its bumper and a driver who holds good intentions for humanity.

There you have it. Something good did happen to me today and now I pass the gift on to you…

I hope something good happens to you today, too!


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