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Putting an end to group showers

It was early Saturday morning when I decided to take an outdoor shower to start the day. Last week’s heat had finally taken leave and as I stepped outside, I noticed the birds were back in full force feasting on sunflower hearts and oranges in the cool morning air.

a sprinkle of water is coming out of a pipe

As I stood in the cold water waiting for it to warm up, I thought about an email I’d received the day before and began crafting a reply in my mind. Once I started washing my hair, my thoughts turned to a car appointment I needed to change so I made a mental note to send a text after my shower. As soon as I realized I was replaying a frustrating conversation I’d had with someone a week ago, I caught myself.

Cheryl, I said out loud, come back here. There are too many people in the shower with you!

I laughed as I redirected my attention to the moment at hand. I felt the warm water on my skin, heard the blackbirds calling each other to breakfast, and looked up just in time to see an intricate spider web swaying in the breeze above my head. This is the beauty you miss when you leave, I thought to myself. How wonderful that you noticed.

I’m doing my best to put an end to group showers but I have no doubt people will still keep barging in. The mind is a relentless companion. But I’m on to her and while meditation is a powerful way to manage a busy mind you don’t always have to sit on a cushion. Everyday life gives us plenty of opportunities to practice.

The next time you’re driving the car, sitting on an airplane, brushing your teeth, or using the bathroom without your phone, notice when the mind steals your attention and bring yourself back by saying your name out loud. Then, celebrate your success! Because the minute you notice that you’re not where you are, you’ve returned to where you want to be.



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