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Sending rain Down Under

It’s been a tough start to the New Year for our friends Down Under.  The loss of life, homes, animals, and land has been devastating and, being a sensitive woman, this tragedy stays with me night and day.

Yesterday, I invited my followers on Instagram and Facebook to join me in praying for Australia and its surrounding territories, in whatever way works for them.  I also asked readers to do something else:  Hold the intention of healing, calming rain covering the whole area for as long as it takes to stop all the fires and cool the earth.

Readers reported rain in Melbourne and Kangaroo Island, and last night there were showers in Sydney.

If you’ve been with me for a while now you know I believe in the power of group mind.  Years ago, my wise mentor, Nanna, reminded me of this power when I talked about my concern for a group of people who were suffering.  “Never forget that your energy is a potent force for good in the world,” Nanna explained. “Outer actions are important and inner action is also necessary.  Spend time in meditation every day, sending love to those in need, while holding the intention of the highest and best outcome for all.”

I’ve always remembered our conversation and the strength of her conviction.  Nanna was insistent, clear, and confident in her belief about the importance of working with energy to help heal the world.

Years later, having taken her advice to heart and used these steps consistently, I have a new appreciation (and belief in) this inner work as well.

You can pray for rain.  You can visualize steady water falling from the skies.  You can listen to a rain meditation and imagine it descending on the lands, cooling the earth, nourishing the wildlife, and saving homes and people.  It doesn’t take hours to do this – even a few minutes of visualization here and there have powerful consequences.

And, of course, your donations matter, too.  You can find a list of suggestions here.

Please join me in helping our friends in Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding territories.  Your thoughts, words, prayers, and energy are needed, valued, and so very helpful.

Thank you. 🙏🏻


PS – I’ll be on Facebook Live this Wednesday, January 8th, at 6:30pm ET/3:30 PT for a New Year’s gathering.  You can join me here.

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