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Take the wild creative ride

Last week I spent several days in a recording studio crafting a new audio project for Sounds True called, Self Care for the Wisdom Years. I loved my time in the studio. And I hated it. Driving into the city each morning, I looked forward to starting the day. And, as the hours passed, there were times when I couldn’t wait for it to end. When the last word was spoken and the project was complete, I felt both exhausted and deeply satisfied with the end result.

Such is the creative process. Regardless of how many books I write, audio programs I record, or talks I give, I soon discover that every new artistic endeavor is the same regardless of how many times I’ve taken the journey.

You start at square one.
You strap yourself in.
You hold on tight through the ups and downs.
And you do your best to enjoy the ride.

During the birthing process, I can count on several things happening. I always…

Question myself.
Long for perfection.
Worry what others will think.
Seriously consider quitting.
Criticize my choices.
Fall in love with my choices.
Hope it all makes sense.
Shed a few tears.
Feel energized and excited.

I guess it’s a lot like life – a wild, unpredictable ride made easier (and so much better) when we have the right support – experienced guides, cheerleaders, and a strong inner ally. With a seasoned producer, a thoughtful engineer, and a few wise friends who joined the party, I was able to take it all in stride. I feel good about the new addition to my creative clan.

Self Care for the Wisdom Years will be available in the middle of next year and I look forward to sharing my new baby with you 😀.

Take on the creative journey, I say. As scary and anxious-making as it is, it’s always worth the price of admission 😀.


P.S. – Please join me for a free online event with Banyen Books & Sound in Vancouver, BC, where I’ll be talking about my new card deck, Self Care Wisdom Cards, pulling cards for guests, and supporting you in taking good care of yourself for the holidays. You can register here.