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The new normal

Standing at the kitchen window, I look up to find a coyote peeking out from behind the stone wall that forms a border between the woods and our home. It’s my first time seeing one this summer and, as I watch him scope out the territory looking for a meal, I feel grateful to have caught a glimpse of his beautiful face. It’s one of many animals I’ve seen in the last few months now that we’re staying home and I have the time and space to see what’s in front of me.

Time and space. The biggest lesson I’ve learned during this pandemic is the value of shortening my priority list so I can breathe. For the life of me, I don’t know how I juggled so many activities, responsibilities, and goals over the last two decades expecting to be present and pleased with life.

Creating good health, nurturing a satisfying partnership, spending quality time with family and friends, growing a successful company, and building a nest egg, are just a few of the balls. And then there’s the maintenance of life:  grocery shopping, haircuts, oil changes, bill paying, laundry, etc.

Honestly, I don’t know how any of us survived the madness when life, with its open doors and nonstop invitations, was fully available to us all.

Have you wondered about this yourself?

As the pandemic continues to unfold, may we remember that it takes more downtime than we think we need to live life with presence and intention, to actually be where we are so we can fully experience what’s happening in front of us.

May the phrase, “less is more” play like a perpetual prayer in our hearts and minds so the new normal holds the space for simple things that are surprisingly satisfying like reading a good book, enjoying outdoor meals with friends, or taking long walks so nature can continue to wrap her arms around our souls.

I intend for the little things to remain big in my life – the Zen feeling that comes with chopping vegetables, the satisfaction of making tea from herbs in the garden, quiet mornings to myself to meditate so it remains a trustworthy habit or the pleasure of puttering because it feels indulgent in the most wonderful way.

This is a rich, fertile time to pay attention, so keep your eyes open.  Everyday life is showing you what matters and what doesn’t. It’s this wisdom that will craft your new normal.



Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash