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Week 10 – The day I met an angel in disguise

I’m sitting in the airport lounge waiting for my flight home.  It’s a sparkly, blue-sky day, sun shining, and scattered puffy clouds.

Perfect weather for flying.

It’s been a wonderful weekend and as I think about heading home to spring with Michael and our friends, I’m having one of those ‘I feel so grateful I could burst’ moments.

Dreaming of gardens, hummingbirds and lazy afternoons, I notice a waitress clearing a table nearby.  Our eyes meet and I nod my head and say hello.  She approaches, leans in, and whispers my name.

We smile at each other.

Yes, it’s me, I tell her, I’m flying home after giving a speech in the city.

She quickly apologizes for the interruption, not wanting to intrude.

I invite her to sit.

Our visit is brief, but meaningful.  We talk about books and life and making hard choices.  I reach into my bag and pull out a copy of The Art of Extreme Self Care – grateful to have grabbed it moments before I left the conference.

By now I’m a seasoned, spiritual traveler and I know that God often puts people in my path who could use a little support.

As I sign the book to her, I’m reminded of something Caroline Myss said during her talk – “Go out into the world and be a source of Grace for others.”

I like that idea.

We finish talking, I wish her well, and we say our goodbyes.

She gets up to leave but stops, looking down at my leg.  Then, she does something so tender and thoughtful, so exquisitely kind that my heart opens and love rushes in.

Removing a cloth from her apron, she bends down and gently wipes a spot off of the left knee of my black pants.  Like a loving mother, she takes her time making sure to remove every bit of dirt gathered there.

“We can’t let you leave with that on your leg,” she tells me.

I look in her eyes, feeling Grace pour into my own heart.

“We’re all in this together,” she says as she turns and bids me farewell.

Yes we are, I tell her, feeling the oneness inspired by this unexpected moment.

I watch her walk to another section of the lounge to begin her ritual of clearing dishes and washing tables.

This angel disguised as a waitress.

Thank you, Edna, I whisper to the sky as I turn to stare at the planes crisscrossing the vast blueness before me.

We are all in this together.

in it together

This Week’s Video

Thanks to Stefanie for this week’s video about how one kind person can touch the lives of many with something quite simple. You can watch it here. Thanks, Stefanie!