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Week 11 – Prune Your Life: Time to let go of the old


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Topic of the Week


Prune Your Life

“Let go of the old and make way for the new!”

Today, while out on a pre-spring bike ride, I saw neighbors sweeping their driveways, pruning dead branches from trees, and picking up old leaves by the side of the road, in preparation for spring and new growth.

As I watched, I thought about the idea of pruning one’s life in preparation for a new beginning as well. And this seems like the perfect time to do it – a time when old structures, systems, and ways of being are no longer working. So, this week’s newsletter is about doing just that by starting with the “stuff” in your life. Here are four ideas to get you started:

1. Recycle – Go through old magazines, books, or catalogs, and get rid of them. Bring the magazines to a doctor’s office, hair salon, or health club. Donate books to your local library or place of worship for an upcoming sale. There are plenty of organizations that take used books. For example, we have “,” here in Massachusetts, and they’ll come pick them up. To find an organization near you, all you need to do is put “book giveaway + your town and state” in google for ideas.

2. Trade Treasures – Years ago my girlfriends and I would gather for a give-away party where we’d bring clothes, jewelry, household items, etc., to trade with one another. Each of us would always find a treasure in someone else’s lot and we made it a fun social gathering to boot! Get together with moms and dads from the neighborhood, coworkers, or use your Life Makeover Group to organize a “Trade Treasures” party.

3. Donate – This is a great time to go through clothes or household items with an eye for sharing the wealth with those in need. We all have things that we no longer use that could be life-changing for someone else. Your old suits or dresses could give someone a new outfit for a job interview. Or, your used washing machine may be a blessing in a family’s life.

4. Release Old Energy – Go through the files in your office, your contact list, or on your computer, and let go of outdated resources, emails, information, or old ideas that need to be released for good. I’ve used this strategy for years to remove the old energy tied to plans that fell through, goals that lost steam, or dreams that fizzled out because they needed to. Make the space for new business, great opportunities, or more creative ideas that make sense for who you are now.

At a time when so many people are feeling anxious about the future, it’s a great time to clean house and let go of the old. A little spring cleaning goes a long way in making space for something great to enter your life. Consider this week’s “Take Action Challenge” and enjoy a renewed sense of spaciousness and mental freedom!

Take Action Challenge

Ready to prune your life and feel the freedom that comes from letting go of old energy? Choose one idea from above and work on it this week. Remember, when in doubt, throw (or give) it out!

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