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Week 12 – Speaking Spanish, working with energy, and what happens when you listen to Life.

Last week I had something interesting happen.

A few months ago I downloaded an app called Duolingo because I wanted to learn Spanish. I had studied the language for three years while in school and loved it, but then, like a lot of people, I stopped using it and subsequently lost the ability.

When I downloaded the app, I used it almost every day until I entered into the final edit stage of my new book and needed to put it on hold. I was too busy to focus on anything else.

Last week I started using the app again. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the language has come back to me, and that makes me happy because I have a secret goal of leading a workshop in Mexico someday.

Okay, not so secret anymore .

As I focused on relearning the basics of the language, something funny started to happen. Spanish began showing up in my life in unexpected places.

First, I discovered that a friend I’ve known for a couple of years speaks fluent Spanish. I had no idea. We never talked about it.

I’d been hoping to find a buddy to practice with now and then and the synchronicity of this discovery was a pleasant surprise.

Next, while making a phone call to my credit card company to order a new card, I was mistakenly transferred to a recorded line with Spanish instructions. Hard as I tried, I could not get back to the English line. When the Spanish agent came on the phone, I was actually able to communicate well enough to let her know what I needed.

This little “mishap” bolstered my confidence.

Then, two days ago, while watching a movie on TV, the cable settings magically switched and suddenly the movie was in Spanish with English subtitles.

Okay, I thought to myself, life is listening to me. It’s showing me the power of intention.

I watched the rest of the movie in Spanish.

Life has big ears. It listens to our dreams, our ambitions, and our most heart-felt desires. And because Life loves us, it also looks for ways to support our efforts, too.

Now in my wiser years, I rely on this wisdom as my go-to strategy for success. I trust my intuition. I ask Life for assistance and guidance. And I pay attention to the messages I receive so I know how to stay on track.

Just this morning, while thinking about the tools I want to use during next month’s retreat, I had another example of how responsive Life is as I considered whether or not to build in time for a tapping session with the group. I learned a lot of great, new strategies from the Tapping World Summit last week, and I’m very excited about energy psychology.

Working with the body’s energy system is quickly becoming a more integral part of my teaching.

No sooner had that thought crossed my mind, than my phone chimed. It was a text from a friend who’s been struggling with chronic pain.

I finished my notes and called her to check in. I asked if she’d be willing to let me test a few of the techniques I was hoping to use during the retreat. Happy to oblige, we got to work and within twenty minutes her pain was reduced by 80%.

She was pleasantly surprised and I was grateful.

Once again, Life had listened and responded.

Life loves me. And Life loves you, too.

Please don’t let the touchy-feely nature of that statement prevent you from receiving this love.

Because it can change everything…

Video of the Week

If you’re considering a new direction, check out this video.  It’s a beautiful example of what happens when you trust Life.  You can watch it, here.  Thanks, Christopher!