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Week 14 – Magic Moments: Notes from the desert


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Topic of the Week

Magic Moments

I’ve just returned from a busy week of travel, where I had a chance to spend time with Louise Hay and one hundred women from around the world at Miraval Resort in Arizona.  It was Louise’s first time teaching a workshop in almost twenty years and there were many magic moments.  This week, I thought I’d share a bit of retreat wisdom with you.  Here are a few of my notes:

  • Problems come from nowhere and they return from whence they came unless you put a death grip on them.
  • Develop a loving relationship with the objects around you.  The next time you take a shower, for example, affirm:  “It’s such a pleasure to take a shower.  I am grateful for the people who designed and built this shower. The water feels so good and my life is blessed.”
  • The single, most effective way to eliminate negative self-talk while at the same time strengthening your relationship with yourself is to do mirror work every day.  Each time you look into a mirror, affirm:  I love you (fill in your name).  I really, really love you. You look so beautiful and you have the best smile. You are my ideal woman (or man) and I love you dearly.
  • You’re living with yourself all day long.  Make sure you’re in good company.  Think good thoughts.
  • Feeding your body good nutrition is a profound act of self-love. Start with one change.  Eliminate sugar, wheat, or dairy for one week and notice how good you feel.
  • Taking things that don’t belong to you – even a paperclip from work – is declaring to Life that you are undeserving.
  • Not sure affirmations work?  Try this: Walk down the street thinking, “I’m so beautiful and everybody loves me.”  Then notice what happens.
  • Take time throughout the day to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and scalp, and send someone a loving thought.
  • Forgiveness is a profound act of healing.  Start by forgiving yourself.

Just a few good ideas to launch your week with love…#x1F600;

Take Action Challenge

Choose one piece of wisdom from the list above and incorporate it into your life this week.  Then, look for small positive changes that let you know you’re on the right track.

This week’s video comes from Charlene.  Such a beautiful message that love crosses all boundaries. You’ll find it here.

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