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Week 16 – Signs & Symbols: Honoring what you love


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Topic of the Week

Signs & Symbols

Today’s newsletter is the follow up to last week’s hat story.  I hope it inspires you to do something to express your passion this week!

Honoring What You Love

I’ve spent the week reading the wonderful stories and examples of how people are paying attention to the signs, symbols, and experiences that reawaken their passions. The stories are varied and provide great inspiration for paying attention to what shows up in your life every day!

One reader realized that her passion for watching Elvis Presley movies was a sign that she needed to sing and dance a lot more often.  Another could now see that a love of National Geographic magazines reflected a hunger to be in the beauty of nature on a regular basis. One woman admitted that she feels terrific after cleaning out her car and that she loves creating order and cleanliness (I suggested she open her own auto detailing shop!).

Here are a few others:

  • A commercial for helping injured dogs sparks a need to do something more concrete to support the care of animals.
  • Watching the movie “A Little Romance,” inspires a trip to Paris to fulfill a childhood dream (and who knows where that will lead!).
  • A reoccurring dream of running a wellness center challenges one woman to honor her love of teaching healthy eating habits to kids.
  • Beautiful earrings found at a craft fair reawakens a love of architecture and a passion for the energy of space.

As I read through these wonderful emails, I find myself thinking that we are such unique, creative beings who long to express our hidden desires.  So, what gets in the way?

Okay, I know that many of us feel like there’s not enough time, we can’t afford to quit our day jobs, or that we’re missing vital training or experience. But, I think it’s something more…

1. Forgetfulness. We get lulled into a comfortably numb place by the busyness of our lives and forget what matters to our soul. Instead, we need to remember to keep our eyes and ears open for clues.

2. Not enough space. Yes, most of us do lead busy lives, myself included, but ask yourself: What small thing might you let go of to create a little space in your life to pursue the desire that tugs at your heart? I say “small” because too often we imagine having to make a huge life change to accommodate this need. Anything big feels scary – and undoable. So, make it small, easy and doable. Where might you find a little space to breathe life into your passion?

3. Lack of faith. What if I told you that there was a force greater than any fear you possess that will open doors and windows that lead you to do what your soul longs to do? Well, there is, but you’ll need to take action to ignite this force and operate on faith until you see the evidence of its presence.

All it takes is one little step to get started. If you love animals, visit a local shelter and volunteer for one hour. If dancing is what makes your heart soar, make a CD of your favorite ten songs and find a place to let your body move. If you love the energy of space or the beauty of architecture, buy a magazine this afternoon and read it cover to cover. Just do something!

Finally, while our community is largely made up of women, we have many wonderful men who also follow along. I received the following email from Dan and wanted to share his story with you. It echoed what many of you shared in your emails – a realization that upgrading your wardrobe was important to your soul.

“My name is Dan. I loved your story about the hat that woke up your inner 18-year-old. I thought that your story was very unique for me. It struck a chord. In the two weeks prior to reading your story, I had gone shopping for new clothing and accessories. I had decided that I was going to make myself happy. I had wanted a new wardrobe. I bought some shoes and some shirts that I really wanted. On the way home, I stopped at a local Mongolian Barbecue restaurant. I got out of my car and started toward the door and stopped myself. What was I doing? I returned to my car, got out my favorite new shirt and shoes, and changed them in the car. I went inside and it felt super to look and feel great! The only thing that would have made this experience better would have been to have a special someone with me. That wasn’t in the cards that day, but I will say the moment was priceless for me – alone or not. Thank you again for sharing.”

Bravo to Dan for taking one small step.  Will you follow his lead?

Take Action Challenge

One thing. That’s all it takes to keep your passion alive. What one thing will you do this week to make your soul happy?

Wow, this week’s video demonstrates the power of words.  Thanks, Nanna, for this gift! You’ll find it here.

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