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Week 2 – In praise of the ordinary.


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In praise of the ordinary.

The New Year is off to an ordinary start in our house.

Lounging in pajamas. Drinking tea. Staring out the window. Cleaning junk drawers. Taking long walks. Watching movies. Visiting with friends.

At first I wasn’t so sure about spending the holidays in such a low-key way. It’s not that sexy or exciting.

And nowadays, with social media providing a window to the world, I can easily get seduced into thinking that my life is just soooooo vanilla.

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and thought…

(cue fantasy music)

“I should be at a party on a beach in a bikini with a big floppy hat shielding my perfectly made up eyes from the sun as I stare out at the crystal blue turquoise water dreaming about the unbelievable success I’ll soon be experiencing with my new business idea that’s ready to launch next week by my staff of a thousand people working hard on my behalf because they adore me and my work and are deeply committed to our mission to save humankind from destruction.”


Instead, I’m here in my pajamas at noontime on Sunday, staring at the drizzle outside, pondering questions like: Should I take a shower, make lunch, or work out?

Oh well.

Nothing exotic or extravagant here.

Just plain old ordinary life.

But then something happens.

Poupon, my little gray cat, jumps up on my lap and nuzzles his face in my neck. He positions his front paws on my right shoulder and sticks his nose in my ear. I feel the soft, velvety fur of his cheeks tickling my face as I close my eyes and listen to him breathe. Then, the loudest purr I’ve ever heard begins to play and I sigh at the perfection of this moment.

An ordinary moment.

Turned extraordinary.

I hope you’ve had some of those moments, too  heart-icon#x2665;.

celebrate the ordinary


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