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Week 20 – I Can Do It: Wisdom from the road


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining Reid Tracy, president of Hay House, on an Australian Cruise in January of 2012 for a program called “Speak, Write, & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker.” This comprehensive program combines everything we teach about writing and getting published, with becoming an inspiring public speaker, and building an international audience for your work.  We’ve also lined up Wayne Dyer, as a special guest, to talk about his successful career as a writer and inspirational speaker.  You can read all about it here.

I’m live on the radio this week (5/16 at 5pm ET/2pm PT) and you can listen by visiting  You can also call for laser coaching at (866) 254-1579.

Have a great week!



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Topic of the Week

I Can Do It

I’m in Toronto for the I Can Do It conference and thought I’d share a bit of wisdom from some of the people here this weekend.  Let’s see which one speaks to you…

  • Making a decision to be kinder to yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and strangers can transform your life.  Not sure how?  Check out Michael Chase, author of “Am I Being Kind,” and look at how much fun he’s having here.
  • It’s not until we love and embrace all parts of ourselves – our light and our dark, that we become free to express our full potential.  If you want to know why you keep sabotaging yourself in important areas of your life, take some time to experience the powerful process that Debbie Ford took us through during her workshop by visiting here.
  • “Don’t dip into the past to be miserable in the present moment.” If you keep this little gem from Louise Hay in mind this week, it will absolutely change your life.
  • “The minute you say your book is for everybody, it’s really for nobody.”  This statement from Reid Tracy, President of Hay House, was met with surprise when he delivered it during our Writer’s Intensive.  He was challenging future authors to be specific and well informed about their target audience.
  • “No worries.”  This was a phrase repeatedly used by Serkan, a young man from Turkey who did my hair before my workshop.  He was friendly, upbeat, and filled with good energy.  By the time he left, I felt happier and energized, too.  The experience with Serkan reminded me that energy is contagious.  Is yours worth catching? .

Finally, during the weekend, Louise and I settled on the title of our new book – You Can Create an Exceptional Life.  The book is based on a series of conversations about the spiritual tools that have shaped our lives as well as topics like loving ourselves and our bodies, conscious aging, and a dignified, peaceful approach to dying.  This is a very special book and I can’t wait to share it with you.  It will be out in September and you can preorder it here.

Take Action Challenge

Choose one piece of wisdom from above and use it in your life.  Be kinder to yourself, love and embrace a part of you that you judge, keep your focus on today rather than yesterday, and spread good energy around the world all week long!

Speaking of good energy, this week’s video from my friend, Bob, is a huge burst of joy.  I’ve watched it several times and it just keeps making me smile.  Thanks, Bob!  You can find it here.

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