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Week 21 – Learn the high cost of ignoring your inner wisdom.


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Topic of the Week

Learn the high cost of

ignoring your inner wisdom.

Have you ever felt pestered by a persistent inner voice that kept telling you to take some kind of action?  Did you listen?

Here’s a great story about what happens when we’re willing to listen to, trust, and act on our inner wisdom.  It’s about Carla, a friend of mine who learned the value of paying attention.

A couple of years ago, when Carla purchased a new computer, she was advised to install a battery back-up to ensure that her work would be safe in the event of a power outage (a common problem in her hometown). When Carla made the purchase, she added a feature that would monitor the electrical power coming into the computer from the wall outlet in her office. Once installed, a beeping sound would alert her to when the power was too low.  As soon as she installed the battery pack, sure enough, Carla noticed a persistent beep.

Over the next few weeks, after continually hearing this sound, Carla contacted her power company to inform them of the problem. The woman at the electric company assured her that she had sufficient electrical power coming into her home, and suggested that her power monitoring and/or back-up device might be defective. But, when Carla had it tested, there was no sign of a problem.

Over the next several weeks the beeping continued. As a result, Carla called the electric company three more times with no luck. Each time she was told that the cause of the problem was something other than the electrical current running into her home. In fact, during one call she was transferred to a supervisor who, in a condescending tone, inferred that she was crazy to think it could be anything else.

Follow Your Instincts

Fortunately, Carla’s inner voice was extremely persistent. She just knew something wasn’t right. So, one afternoon, while working in her office and hearing the beep once again, she called the power company and demanded that they send someone to her home. When their repairman arrived, he asked Carla to direct him to the closest transformer on her street. One hour later, he reappeared at her front door and informed her that she was, in fact, experiencing significant, random dips in her home’s electrical power. But that’s not the end of the story.

After doing a little research, Carla discovered that dips in electrical power could cause damage to the motors in equipment that require electricity. This information was a revelation, especially considering the fact that Carla and her husband had replaced several appliances (including their refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher) because of motor malfunctions. Now the cause was clear. The motors were overworked.

Carla’s willingness to be persistent in spite of her fear of appearing foolish or being perceived as a pest, paid off. After discovering the problem and reporting her loss, the electric company paid almost $20,000 in damages to her family!

As I listened to Carla’s story I thought to myself, what an amazing metaphor. Her power sensor is like the part of us that controls our intuition. When we plug in and pay attention, we receive a clear and persistent signal that alerts us to what needs attention in our lives.  The big question is:  How often do we pay attention and act on these alerts?

This week let Carla be your inspiration.

What’s beeping in your life?

Take Action Challenge

If your inner voice has been nudging you to take some kind of action, take it this week. Be brave, be strong, and be fearless smiley2#x1F600;



This week’s video is a beautiful tribute to the splendor of Mother Nature. You’ll find it here.  Thanks to Chris and her son!


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