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Week 22 – A new way to lift your mood in minutes.


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A new way to lift your mood in minutes.

This week I have a gift to share. On Thursday I posted a picture on my Facebook Page with a note that read:

Taking photographs of the things I love is such nourishing self care. My cat, Poupon, a favorite antique table, and flowers, all make me smile. Let’s see yours. I’ll pick two or three people, get your address, and send you a self-care surprise.

Here’s the photo that went along with the note:

poupon, table, flowers

What happened next was magic. Members of my Facebook community instantly began posting their own images.

People posted pictures of their favorite places. Susanne Wieland, for instance, posted a photo of a beautiful room she’d just decorated.

Some posted art. Mary Murchison posted the most extraordinary photo of a Mandala she created using plant material.

Others posted pictures that announced special events. Debra Payne is having a grandbaby and she posted a fun announcement that included her dog and favorite books.

And of course there were lots of shots of furry friends, family members (not so furry), flowers, and nature scenes. Nearly 600 of them so far!

Over the next few days I took my time going through every picture. Some made me smile, others made me tear up, or laugh out loud.

I could feel my shoulders relax, my heart open, my mood lift.

It was a powerful reminder of how what we see and feel changes our physiology. After all, the body is healed and strengthened by beauty, images that evoke positive emotions, and by the feeling of connection we experience when we share what matters most to the heart.

Whether you’re grieving a loss, feeling under the weather, or just ready for a good laugh or smile, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the experience for yourself here.

Oh, and by the way, the three people I chose (at random) to receive the special, self-care surprise are:

Sara Hamm

Heidi Fisher Patrick

Karin Rose

Congratulations! Please send your address to and I’ll send you something special this week heart-icon#x2665;.

xo Cheryl


This Week’s Video

Here’s a visit with a little angel in this week’s video. You can watch it here. Thanks, Elizabeth!