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Week 23 – What do you live for?

During the next month I’m finishing up the final edits for my book and have decided to replay a blog to save my hands from typing smiley2.  I did a random scroll and landed on this one from November, 2011. Enjoy… heart-icon#x2665;#x1F600;


This morning I made myself a cup of tea and settled on the sofa to have a look through old episodes of Charlie Rose. I found an interview with Joan Didion, author of A Year of Magical Thinking and Blue Nights.  As I watched their conversation unfold, Charlie asked this acclaimed writer a powerful question: “Joan, what do you live for?”

As Didion took her time to thoughtfully consider his inquiry, I waited for the response to such a loaded question.

The first words out of her mouth were:

“I live largely for certain small moments.  Moments of great beauty in the world…”

You gotta love a talented writer…

I took a deep breath, pressed pause, and stared out the window at the soft, morning light rising in the distance. Wow, I thought, that about sums it up.

To me, moments of great beauty can include an unexpected visit from a deer in the back yard, the eye-to-eye deep connection felt when talking intimately with a loved one, or the profound peace of a silent meditation.  These are the experiences that stay with me, that anchor me to the present with a feeling of aliveness that makes life sparkle.

Toward the end of the interview, Charlie asked her another question: “When you look back over this life, would you have done anything dramatically different?  Again, Didion carefully considered her response before answering. Then she said:

“I would have spent more time appreciating those small things.”

I leaned back into the sofa, switched off the TV, and covered myself with a blanket. I wanted time to think about Charlie’s questions myself – such a thoughtful way to start the day.

So, I ask you:

What do you live for?

What are your moments?

And, are you taking the time to appreciate them? 

let your heart be touched by beauty

This Week’s Video

Here’s one of those great moments in this week’s video here.