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Week 24 – Something magical happened on the streets of London.


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Topic of the Week

Something magical happened

on the streets of London.

I’m on a plane heading back to Boston after spending nearly two weeks in London.

A wonderful trip.

Such gracious and kind people.

So many laughs.

And reasonably good weather .

On Friday morning I set out for a long walk in the sunshine to visit different parts of London.  As I walked through the rose gardens in Hyde Park heading towards Mayfair and Piccadilly, I plugged in my earphones to listen to music.

There was one song in particular I wanted to hear.

Flash back a few nights before, when I had the opportunity to attend an event held by one of my favorite writers, Hollie Holden.  I’ve been reading Hollie’s blog for nearly a year and I love how she writes about her life both as a woman on a spiritual path and as a conscious parent to her two children.  I find her unedited honesty and humor refreshing and I always catch something meaningful in her words.

Hollie hosts a monthly event just outside of London called Beautiful Soul Sessions where she gathers people together in a 17th Century church to listen to poetry and music, and to meditate and engage in deep conversation.  When I heard about this event a month ago, I immediately put it on my calendar.

At the beginning of the session, she invited us to participate in a short meditation while she played a few favorite pieces of music.  One song blew me away – a version of Steve Winwood’s Higher Love sung by James Vincent McMorrow. 

I’ll give you a link to the song in a moment, but let’s stay with the story first .

Eyes shut, deeply relaxed, I listened to this tender version of the song and by the end I wanted to download it immediately (and I did).

Okay, back to my walk through the streets of London.

Sunny day.

Lots of people out and about.

Earbuds firmly in ears.

I put on a continuous loop of Higher Love to create a spiritual state of mind and set off on my adventure.  After listening to it four or five times, I remembered an exercise I learned from James Altucher, another favorite blogger of mine.  Here’s what I did…

As Higher Love began again, I imagined myself as the mother of everyone I saw as I walked down the street.  Each time I looked into the eyes of the men, women, and children who passed by, I did my best to see each person as my son or daughter.

Let’s call it my “Music and Mother Meditation.”

Within a minute or two I felt a deep, abiding love for everyone – young, old, big, small, men and women alike.

A couple walked by laughing and I felt happy that my children were happy.

A sad-looking girl stood by herself against the wall of a building and I wanted to go over and give her a hug.  (I sent her comforting thoughts instead)

When an old man walked slowly by, I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion and respect for the history embedded in the lines of his face.

As I saw the world through maternal eyes, there was…

No judgment

No comparisons

No fear or loneliness

No disconnection whatsoever…

Just a beautiful love enveloping this big human family.

While this exercise might sound a little strange, I’m telling you it was magic.  My heart was full of good feelings.

But don’t take my word for it.  Try it yourself.

Download a version of the song here, find a crowd, imagine yourself as a mother and…

Feel the Higher Love… 

Make Love a Verb

Take Action Challenge

This week’s video comes from another favorite blogger, Mark Hanks, a vet from Kindred Spirits in northern Maine.  You can watch it here.

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