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Week 25 – Taking a Leap of Faith

In August of 2013 I wrote a blog called: Why taking a leap of faith might be the safest thing you can do. In it, I talked about a little voice inside that was telling me to bring more vulnerability to my writing, and to allow my health, my love of nature and animals, and my desire for new creative expression to take a more prominent place in my life.

I also wanted to learn to communicate in some way with the birds and animals that visit our land. Fascinated by the work of Anna Breytenbach, an interspecies communicator, I was excited to better understand the natural flow of energy between myself and the other beings that shared our slice of the planet.

And I was ready for my teaching to change, too.

I dreamed of hosting a small, intimate retreat by the sea because I love the ocean and I’ve experienced first hand how water can be a catalyst for transformation. I wanted to make the Divine Feminine a more central force in my work, too. Rather than use linear, pre-planned agendas, I wanted to bring a more organic approach to coaching women who valued beauty, simplicity, and the elegant use of energy and intuition.

The last few years have felt like some kind of spiritual birthing process and I’m happy to see these changes coming to fruition. We’ll hold our fourth retreat this October and I’ve just finished my next book that records my midlife journey (it will be released in December).

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about what it means to align one’s life with the soul. It takes a willingness to feel wobbly, nervous, and unsure of a reality you can’t yet see.

Evolution happens in a dimension that can only be accessed with patience and faith.

The good news is this: If you’re willing to slow down, listen deeply, and make peace with uncertainty, you’re bound to have some pretty amazing experiences.

Here’s a favorite example…

After months of communing with the birds and animals that visit our land, I finally have evidence that the lines of communication are opening.

Early this spring, I arrived home to find several deer bedded down in our front yard. That, in and of itself, was something brand new. When I approached, most of them quickly stood up and ran.

But one doe stayed.

As I cautiously walked toward our front door, I settled my energy and tuned into hers. Our eyes met. With barely ten feet between us, we stood looking into each other’s eyes for a full ten minutes before I said goodbye and walked into the house.

All the fear and uncertainty of the last few years was worth it, I thought to myself, as I shut the front door. If only I had known then what I know now I could have saved myself a lot of stress and anxiety.

So I share what I’ve learned with you…

Welcome change.

Trust your inner voice.

Be willing to not know the answers.

And believe that the Universe has great plans in store for you.

Video of the Week

Here’s one of my favorite videos with Anna Breytenbach.  If you’ve seen it, it’s worth watching again here.