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Week 29 – Here’s What Happens When an Angel Comes to Visit


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This summer, as I take some time off, I decided to search through fourteen years of blogs to see what I might send to you on the Sundays when I’d like to rest instead of write.

What an experience it’s been to go back in time.  It’s like reading through old journals and remembering the meaningful events that have shaped my life and the woman I am today.

One of the first blogs I read contained a story that I actually needed to read myself this morning.  This blog was written back when Michael was very sick and I wasn’t telling many people about it.  I was doing my best to suck it up and stay strong (which I now see as silly and untenable, by the way).

Today, I needed to read this story because my dad’s not feeling well and I’ve been worried about his health.  It was a good reminder that, while things may appear precarious, there are unseen forces at work on our behalf and on behalf of those we love.

If you need a reminder, I hope this story helps you, too.  It was written in 2007 when we brought home our cat, Poupon.

Here’s What Happens When

an Angel Comes to Visit

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new addition to our home – Poupon, a gray kitten we named after the mustard, “Grey Poupon.”

Here’s a picture of our little guy…


Michael and I have fallen in love with him and I’m now convinced he’s an angel disguised as a cat smiley2#x1F600;.

Poupon does the sweetest things. For example, he often shows up making funny noises at just the moment when one of us needs a good laugh. Or, when I’ve been working too long at my desk, Poupon will suddenly appear out of nowhere and paw at me until I give in, stop working, and play with him.

Along with these gestures of love, there have also been a few amazing moments when Poupon seems to remind us that there’s a greater force at work in our lives. 

One evening, for instance, Michael wasn’t feeling well and we were both upset about it.  We’d just gone to bed and I was doing my best to console him, when we heard a small thump next to Michael’s side of the bed.  As we leaned over to see what happened, Poupon sat staring at us with something at his feet.  I looked down and gasped when I discovered what it was.  

Some time ago, I had been given a beautiful gift – a polished blue stone in the shape of a heart, wrapped in a lace bag made of the same color. I loved it so much that I placed it on the altar in the meditation area of our home – a place where I keep sacred objects. 

Much to our surprise, Poupon had climbed up on the altar, picked up the bag in his mouth, and carried it into our bedroom. 

Now, he sat on the floor next to Michael, staring up at us, with the blue heart at his feet. 

“Wow,” I said to Michael, “What if this little guy is an angel trying to tell you something.”

The next day, we both began questioning the experience.  Was it just a coincidence?  Was there really a message behind Poupon’s actions?

It’s so easy to discount miracles, isn’t it? 

What if Poupon really did bring the little heart to Michael as a symbol of comfort, love, or faith that all will be well? 

What if these unusual experiences are the Divine’s way of saying, “Hello, I’m here, you’re not alone, you’re part of something much bigger than yourself!”


After debating the existence of angels, we decided to stop questioning the miracle, and start believing it was a sign we were headed in the right direction.  And I have no doubt that our decision to question our skepticism instead of the miracle paved the way for more to come, which they did. 

Thanks to Poupon, we’ve learned to believe in miracles, and today I pass his message on to you. 

Think of this newsletter as a little blue heart wrapped in a bag, sent to you as a gift of comfort, love, and faith that all will be well.

Because it will.

Now, off to play with my little angel . . .

This Week’s Video

This is a video of a song about angels sung by a woman with an angelic voice.  You can watch and listen here.

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