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Week 3 – Signs of Life: Be gentle as you grow


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Topic of the Week

Signs of Life


As you set about making the rest of your life the best of your life, get in the habit of looking for signs of success rather than signs of failure (something we’ve all learned to do far too well).

Looking for what isn’t working is soooooooo 2011.

Instead, take a few moments, every day, to think about (and write down) answers to the following questions:

What’s great about me?  

What teeny, tiny thing have I done to improve my life this week?  

Where are the signs of positive change that, when noticed, would make me smile?

Early growth is tender and vulnerable and not too easily seen sometimes.  Pay attention as you go… I mean grow #x1F600;!

Take Action Challenge

Make it a point to find success – look for the little signs that your best life is unfolding before your eyes.  Finding success will keep you getting back on track!

This week’s video is a little gift from Amanda Gore – great ideas to remember. You can watch it here.  Thanks, Elaine!

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