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Week 30 – Back to Nature: Growing inspiration by growing food.


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Topic of the Week

Back to Nature

This is a photo of the very first tomato I picked from our deck garden today.   Isn’t she beautiful?

For the last couple of years, I’ve been growing vegetables in an effort to produce fresh, organic food for our family, and to learn about the art of gardening.  It’s been such a joy!

To get started, I hired an experienced gardener, Nanette Masi, to teach me the basics – soil preparation, plant choices, etc.  She’s a passionate botanist and makes learning fun!  Then, once the plants and seeds were in, I learned about the proper care and maintenance by trial and error.  Last year I didn’t have any luck with tomatoes.  This year, by growing myself through experience, I’ve now learned how to grow tomatoes – lots and lots of tomatoes #x1F600;.

It’s hard to convey the joy and satisfaction that comes from watching something you’ve nurtured grow – and then picking your own food.  Every time I step in the garden I feel like a child on Christmas morning.  And, it’s much easier than you might imagine.

I’m on a little kick to get you to fall in love with gardening and to feel the power that comes from growing your own food.  It’s simply awesome!

For a little inspiration, check out the garden videos I’ve posted on my YouTube TV channel here (subscribe to be the first to see more!).  Be careful though, your thumb might start to turn a little green as you watch #x1F600;.

Take Action Challenge


Whether you purchase a basil plant for your kitchen window, place a few tomato plants in a pot on your deck, or plant seeds in the back yard, consider some small step toward growing your own food.  The life you nurture will nurture you, too!

This week’s video comes from Jaclyn Galligan and it will make you stop and think about your technology use.  Thanks for “connecting” Jaclyn!  You’ll find it here.

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