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Week 32 – Act Now! – End procrastination today


I’m glad that many of you found last week’s newsletter about healthy ways to express your anger helpful.  A few readers wrote to share their concern about releasing mercury into the air from smashing lightbulbs. This is a valid point (and something I didn’t think about). Finding another source of glass (along with wearing protective eye covering) is a smart idea.  Please take good care of yourself as you release your anger and, thanks for the feedback.

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Have a great week!



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Topic of the Week

Act Now!

“Just do it.”


This weekend I finally decided to tackle a project that I’ve been putting off for three months.  I needed to complete some lengthy financial forms and since I was the only one who could complete this task, I was waiting for some extra time to get the job done.  Well, as many of you know, the “extra time” usually never appears unless we schedule it in, so I decided to stop procrastinating and get to work.

As I began completing the forms, I was reminded of some simple, yet important facts:

  • Avoiding a difficult task drains much more energy than we realize.
  • It usually takes far less time to complete the task than we imagine it will.
  • The idea of completing the task is always more daunting in our head than in reality.

As I began working on the project, I could feel pressure being released almost immediately.  It was as if both my mind and body were letting out a collective “ahhhhhhh” as in, “don’t worry, you can relax now, all is finally well.”  This financial project had been sitting on a table in my office (looming like giant monster) for way too long.  While that might sound a bit dramatic, anyone who has ever procrastinated about a project knows how heavy the burden of a visual reminder can be. To my surprise, though, not only did I start to feel better as soon as I began filling out the forms, I could see pretty quickly that it was going to take much less time than I originally expected.  And, I was also surprised at how easy the process was – I had made it out to be a much bigger deal than was actually the case.   

So, this week it’s your turn to release a little tension by tackling the project you’ve been putting off.  You might need to:

1.  Clean up the “to-do” pile on your desk

2.  Place an ad for a new employee

3.  Get your finances on computer

4.  Have the rugs cleaned in your livingroom

5.  Hang pictures you’ve been meaning to get to

6.  Schedule employee reviews

7.  Clean out the refrigerator

8.  File your late tax returns

9.  Have a conversation you’ve been avoiding

10.  Get your website finished

Okay, I’m going back to finish up my project once and for all.  How about you?  What project do you need to act on sooner rather than later?  Don’t procrastinate any longer. Schedule it, delegate it, or just plain do it.  Then, sit back and savor your accomplishment. You’ll be surprised at how easy it was and how good it feels, too!

Take Action Challenge

Start this week’s challenge by asking yourself the following question:

“What project or task have I been putting off?”

Notice the first thing that comes to mind and write it down. Then, either tackle the project right now (after reading this broadcast), or, at the very least, schedule it into your calendar this week. Remove the weight of an unfinished task by acting now and then be sure to celebrate your success :).

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