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Week 34 – Recipe for Success: The habits that create an exceptional life


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Topic of the Week

Recipe for Success

On September 20th I’ll be releasing my next book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life.  This book is written with Louise Hay and it’s a teaching story that unfolds over the course of a year of traveling together throughout the US and abroad.  I’m excited to share this experience with you.  It certainly has been an extraordinary journey that has changed my life.

Early feedback on the book is that it is inspiring to those of us who have been on the self-empowerment path already as well as to those who may be new to the journey.  I love the idea of reaching people who are open to embracing their ability to create an exceptional life.


During one of our first meetings, I asked Louise about her spiritual journey – the path that led her to touch the lives of millions.  As I listened to her story, a recipe for success – both in business and in life – began to reveal itself.  This week, I thought I’d share a bit of this wisdom with you.  Here are a few habits that, when practiced, contribute to living an exceptional life…

Optimism-putting attention and energy toward solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Simplicity-focusing on small, simple, and manageable steps instead of making things complicated.

Trust-learning to trust Life by seeing the perfection and opportunity for growth in all our experiences.

Service-focusing more on how we can best encourage and assist those in need, as opposed to getting lost in our own personal vision and quest for success.

Action-making a commitment to show up and walk through the doors that Life opens for us on our journey.

Faith-being willing to take chances and keep moving forward without knowing the outcome.

Magnetism-developing and tapping into the ability to attract what we need by putting (and keeping) ourselves in the right state of mind.

I especially love this last one and am happy to say that much of the book focuses on how to stay in the right state of mind and what happens when you do.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing excerpts of our new book in a separate email during the week. I want you to be the first to read about this special journey so you can start using its wisdom in your own life.

If you’d like to preorder the book, you can find it here and here.

Take Action Challenge

As you review the list of habits above, try this.  Identify a challenge you’re having in your life or business right now.  Then, determine which habit you can develop to help you deal with the issue.  Maybe you need to slow down and take simple steps, have more faith, or walk through an open door.  Be willing to do something new to achieve the results you desire!

This week’s video speaks to the inherent strength and determination of the creative spirit to express itself regardless of our circumstances.  So inspirational…thanks, Kelly!  Check it out here.

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