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Week 34 – When women get together, here’s what happens

As the summer comes to a close (slowly, I hope ), I wanted you to know that there are only 3 spots left in the October “Self Care by the Sea” retreat.

This week I’m revisiting the blog that shared a bit of what happened during our maiden voyage back in April. Here’s what women talk about when they spend a weekend together.

The first “Self Care by the Sea” retreat held at the Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine was a beautiful maiden voyage. Fifty-five women from around the US, ranging in age from 34 to 78, spent three days in a gorgeous room overlooking the ocean and we had a blast.

And lots of conversation.

We talked about how to carefully pull the rug out from under our own lives so the Universe doesn’t have to do it for us.

We discussed the hero’s journey and how any challenge – a deteriorating relationship, a scary diagnosis, or an unexpected loss, can be viewed as a doorway that leads to a more authentic, soul-directed life.

We reviewed the best resources to take on a spiritual pilgrimage so the journey isn’t so bumpy (or scary).

We pledged allegiance to the navigational powers of intuition and feelings.

We reverse-engineered experiences that sparked awe and wonderment in order to create more of these events in our lives.

We affirmed the existence of synchronicity and grace as divine reminders that there are unseen forces at work on our behalf.

And we laughed.

A lot.

At ourselves, the world, and sometimes even each other.

It’s a magical thing when women come together. We find our voices, we name our deepest needs and desires, and we rediscover the courage to make the changes we know we need to make.

This retreat was born from an impulse to honor my love of the ocean and to use its healing power to facilitate a life-shifting experience for women already on the path.

Mission accomplished and I’m left feeling grateful, bowing to the women who joined me on this new adventure.

If you’re ready for your own seaside experience, you can register here.

When the retreat is full, we’ll post a wait list notice in case a spot opens up. The women on this list will be the first to know about any openings and will receive info when it becomes available on next year’s retreats scheduled for April 28th-30th and October 20th-22nd.

Self Care by the Sea 2016

Video of the Week

Honestly I can’t even believe this video is real, but either way, it’s pretty remarkable. And it sure speaks to how powerful an influence television is on children (or any visual medium for that matter). Check it out here.