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Week 35 – Energizing Thoughts: Put your energy to good use


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Topic of the Week

Energizing Thoughts

Last month, while enjoying some time to myself at a local park, I overheard a conversation between two women who were talking about how frustrated they were with their jobs. They were sitting close by and, while I was doing my best to mind my own business, I couldn’t help but notice how much time and energy they were investing in the problem.  They kept repeating the details of the situation over and over again, complaining about the office, their co-workers, the boss, etc.  I thought about how I used to do the same thing in my own life – energized the very thing I didn’t want to continue by repeatedly complaining about it.

When you consider the notion that our thoughts have creative power, complaining about something without doing anything to change it, takes on a whole new meaning. While talking about a problem is a normal (and important) way of working through the difficulties in life, fixating on it can end up magnetizing the very thing we most want to avoid. When we complain, ruminate, whine, moan or gossip about what isn’t working in our lives, we may find that the problem persists or even shows up in a whole new form.

That said, there’s gold to be found in the act of complaining and worrying. Just think about the strategy behind what you do. For example, if you’re worried about money, you probably:

  • Continuously think about what you don’t have, how you’ll pay off your debt, or upcoming bills.
  • Talk with others about how bad the economy is or how it’s going to get worse.
  • Write about your fear in a journal.
  • Go to sleep at night imagining worse case scenarios in your mind.

Again, these may be useful ways to process the challenges we face in life, but when we get stuck on these behaviors alone without adding positive actions, we could end up contributing to the problem.

Now, imagine what might happen if you used these same strategies to your advantage. To tackle the problem with money so you can bring more abundance into your life, you could:

  • Continuously think about what you do have by noticing the little things that make you happy right now.
  • Start looking for and sharing the stories of abundance that show up in your life.
  • Begin each day by writing down fifteen things you feel grateful for.
  • Go to sleep at night imagining yourself living debt free or enjoying a new, higher-paying job.

These examples represent the fundamental steps of attraction: you think about it, talk about it, write about it, meditate on it, and imagine best-case scenarios. These steps work. 

So, ready to start complaining in a whole new way?  #x1F600;

Take Action Challenge

Choose one thing you’ve been worried about (or complaining about) and put those remarkable skills to better use by taking the actions outlined above.

Whether or not you believe it will work doesn’t matter.  It works anyway.  How great is that?

This week’s video is quite the unusual commercial.  Enjoy the ride!  You can watch it here.  Thanks again, Kelly!

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