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Week 36 – What would you tell the younger you?

One of my favorite television shows here in the states is a program on CBS called “Sunday Morning,” hosted by Charles Osgood.  This time last year, they aired an interview with Christopher Cross, the singer/songwriter who wrote hit songs like Sailing and Ride Like the Wind.

I loved those songs and when I heard them again on the show, I thought back to that time in my life – a young girl just out of high school, waiting for some big life to unfold.

During the interview Christopher was asked, “If this Christopher Cross could speak with that 30 year-old (the young man who won 5 Grammys), what would he say?” You can read the interview here.

It’s a question most of us have heard in one form or another, and when I hear it, I always think about how I’d respond.

Normally I look back at my life without regret.  From an early age I’ve always thought of life as a continuing education program –like I’m working toward an undergrad degree in confidence, a masters in courage, or a PhD in elevating my consciousness.

Everything that happens is fodder for growth.

But when I look back to my thirties at the young woman who was trying to keep her balance in the middle of television appearances, speaking engagements, and writing books, I realize there are a few things I wish I could have told her.

I’d tell her to stay in her body, to keep leaning back into herself so she actually enjoyed all the success she’d worked so hard to create.

I’d tell her to stop worrying about the next book or the next gig. That focusing on “the next” anything will rob her of the meaning that’s found in the present moment. And that later in life that meaning will be what she yearns for most of all.

I’d encourage her to acknowledge her accomplishments as a way of building a more loving and deserving relationship with herself.

I’d tell her that working hard to manage the perceptions of others is a complete waste of time. People will think what they think and it’s usually not what you think.

Just love people as best you can.

Most of all I’d tell her to have fun, to take in life fully and completely and savor every minute.  Back then I spent too much time waiting to celebrate my success because I was so busy working.

That’s a message I still need to remember.

It seems that Life thinks so, too.

When I went out for a walk after writing the bones of this blog, I was so busy thinking about it that I nearly walked right into the back of a car.  When I looked up, this bumper sticker was staring me in the face:


Isn’t it amazing how magical life is sometimes?

Anyway, what would you tell the younger you?

Something to think about on this lazy summer day .

xo Cheryl

Video of the Week

Please God may every teacher do something like this with their students every day! Check it out here. Thanks, Bob!