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Week 37 – The Remembrance Ritual


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This week’s event in Kennebunk, ME at Inspired Gatherings is sold out.  Stay tuned for more info on an upcoming new event there where I’ll be joined by Robert Holden, author of Be Happy and one of Britain’s top coaches.  We’ll be conducting a small “coaching clinic” where you can bring a current life challenge for us to address.  The date is Wednesday, October 28th and will be limited to 50 people.  I’ll let you know when tickets become available.

Finally, if you’re in the Rhode Island area, I invite you to join me for the “Women’s Wellness Day” at the Dunes Club in Narragansett.  For more info, visit here.

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Topic of the Week

The Remembrance Ritual

Every year on September 11th, I perform a “remembrance ritual” to remind myself of the things that mattered most on September 12th in 2001.  I do this to not only insure that I’m living a conscious life, but to honor the souls who lost their lives on that day.  This week I invite you to do the same.

Please give yourself the gift of some time alone to consider the following questions.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the frantic pace of our busy lives that we forget to stop and contemplate – really think about the universal priorities that create a truly meaningful life.  

To conduct your own remembrance ritual, take out a journal or notepad and write down the answers to the following questions:

1.  Am I pleased with how I’m spending my precious time on earth?

2.  Am I spending enough quality time with the people who matter most?

3.  How well am I listening to my soul – the part of me that knows what really matters, what I need most at this time in my life, and what needs to change in order to feel like I’m living a life of integrity?

4.  Am I sharing (or working toward sharing) my God-given gifts and talents with others?

5.  Are there any petty disagreements or differences that I need to settle or let go of once and for all?

6.  Is there someone I need to forgive?

As always, I send my love to those of you who were touched by the events of September 11th eight years ago. Whether you lost a loved one, a job, hope, or faith in a positive future, always remember that you are not alone.  You have a place here with us in a wonderful community of like-minded souls who care about you and are committed to the same journey of spiritual evolution.  You can now participate more actively in the community on our Facebook Fan Page here.

Take Action Challenge

This week, take some time to consider the questions above. Honor those who lost their lives on September 11th with a commitment to live fully, deeply, and with meaning.

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