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Week 38 – Blind Attachment: The importance of releasing the outcome


If you missed the final excerpt from my new book with Louise Hay, “You Can Create an Exceptional Life,” you’ll want to read it here.  It’s about putting an end to the fear of dying….

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Topic of the Week

Blind Attachment

Last week, while packing for a trip to New York, I decided to take a favorite pearl bracelet – a gift left to me by my friend, Lucy (the woman I wrote about in this week’s excerpt of You Can Create an Exceptional Life).  Lucy passed away almost twenty years ago and this bracelet is one of the few meaningful keepsakes I wear on special occasions.  I wanted to have it with me while in New York on September 11th.  But, when I went to get the bracelet, it was missing.

Doing my best to remain calm, I searched everywhere for it, looking in drawers, cabinets, jewelry boxes (old and new), even under the bed #x1F600;.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  As someone who prides herself on being organized, I knew it had to be in the house somewhere.  So, after a while I decided to give up and trust that the bracelet would show up.  That lasted for about three hours.

By evening, I was back looking for the bracelet, going through everything again – my jewelry box (at least five times!), the nightstand cabinet, and every drawer in my closet.  No bracelet.

After making myself a little crazy, I stopped.  I did my best to let go of my attachment to finding it and went on my trip.  A couple of days after returning from New York, I happened to go into my jewelry box to pack for the next trip and found the pearl bracelet sitting right before my eyes.  Surprised, I looked up at my husband Michael secretly wondering if he’d placed the bracelet in the box.  But I knew better.  I hadn’t mentioned the fact that I couldn’t find it.

The moment I found the bracelet I realized something important:  Attachment interferes with our vision.  I was so fixated on finding this piece of jewelry that I couldn’t see what was right before my eyes!

Funny how important lessons come to us in the simplest of ways, huh?  This week you might want to remember:  Attachment can cause blindness. The next time you really, really, really want something, relax and let go of control.  Put all your energy into practicing the art of patience and faith.  God knows it’s so much easier on the soul #x1F600;.

Take Action Challenge

Let go of something you’re too attached to at this point in your life.  Then, in a relaxed state, watch for something miraculous to occur.

This week’s video is a powerful lesson about the strength in one human being to inspire many.  Let’s send love and healing energy to Dustin!  And thanks to Jodee for sharing this video! Check it out here.

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